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Back to Studying Web Development?

In August, last year, I briefly touched upon the idea of want­ing to go to uni­ver­sity to study ‘Web Tech­nolo­gies’ at Birk­beck Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don.

I’ve since not fol­lowed through on this and that is due to the fact that I’ve been busy at work and gen­er­ally a lit­tle stressed. I have aspi­ra­tions and per­sonal devel­op­ment goals — gain­ing a qual­i­fi­ca­tion from uni­ver­sity is one of them. I’ve yet to fully work out how it will work. But from the way that I’ve worked and the pas­sion that I’ve shown, I feel I have the right moti­va­tion to do some­thing like this now. Before work­ing at ZenithOp­ti­me­dia, I don’t think I had that and as time has gone on I’ve just wanted to bet­ter myself and develop my skill set. I now have a focus on life where before I had none.

I’ve been look­ing around for courses and whilst the Birk­beck course looks awe­some, it’s all the way in Strat­ford — a place that I’ve just moved from. Now that I live in cen­tral Lon­don I’d like to go to a uni­ver­sity nearby, so that I can sim­ply walk to uni­ver­sity from work. It’s a lit­tle dif­fi­cult find­ing a uni­ver­sity that does evening courses. For­tu­nately for me, Birk­beck teach the same ‘Web Tech­nolo­gies’ course (foun­da­tion degree) in cen­tral Lon­don and the loca­tion of their uni­ver­sity is around the cor­ner from where I work and is in the right direc­tion to where I cur­rently live in Farringdon.

Obvi­ously, it is going to be a huge thing for me to do all of this, but I think it is achiev­able. I’ve signed up for an ‘Open Day’ at Birk­beck in August, so I’m hop­ing I can find my answers then and there. There are a lot of things going on in my life right now, and I’m just suss­ing things out to get that point of mak­ing the all-important decision.

fitness routine 22122013

1st day in the new house

I have to say that I’m delighted at the fact that I’ve moved to Far­ring­don. I walked around the area for 3 hours yes­ter­day, which in total led to around 8 miles of walk­ing. Luck­ily my new run­ning shoes are really, really com­fort­able. I’m even wear­ing them to work now and even dur­ing work hours as well — instead of my smart shoes. Not that that would be an issue.

One of the nicest things that I’ve dis­cov­ered is that I don’t actu­ally need a dry­ing rack any­more. The fuck­ing wash­ing machine is a tum­ble dryer as well as a wash­ing machine. How­ever, I’m too afraid to use the bloody thing in case my clothes shrink. I’m a poor sod at the moment hav­ing spent quite a bit of money mov­ing into this place and I don’t want to ruin my clothes. I washed only my tow­els yes­ter­day and the fact my tow­els came out DRY — in a wash­ing machine — pretty much amazed me. I’ll even­tu­ally come up with the courage to wash my other clothes, but I’m likely going to do a bit of test­ing to see what works and doesn’t. Appar­ently, clothes that con­tain or that were made with cot­ton should explic­itly not be washed in hot or warm water. I’m going to turn the noz­zle down to 0 degrees or what­ever it is and see what hap­pens. I’m a lit­tle scared, but I’m hope­ful at the same time.

Aside from my wash­ing issues I’m look­ing to join a gym in the local vicin­ity. I was think­ing about join­ing Easy Gym on Oxford Street, as it’s really cheap (around £20 per month) and you don’t have to sign up to any con­tracts. How­ever, all the same it’s a lit­tle bit of a walk and I really only want to walk to gyms that are within 5 min­utes of where I live now.  Unfor­tu­nately, they are all expen­sive with the aver­age cost look­ing to be around £50 per month. I have indeed bud­geted for this, but it would be nice to find a gym that isn’t so costly.

For exam­ple, here are a few of those gyms within 5–15 min­utes walk­ing dis­tance of EC1V that cost around about £50 per month:

Fit­ness First — Angel:  £53 + 12 month contract

Vir­gin Active — Bar­bi­can: £66 + 12 month contract

LA Fit­ness — St Pauls: £45 + 12 month contract

On the face of it, LA Fit­ness looks to be the cheap­est and I’m almost think­ing of going with LA Fit­ness. Of course, with most of these gyms there is a join­ing fee. I’m too lazy to look up what they are at the moment, so it’ll get even more costlier.

How­ever, if we look within 20–30 min­utes walk­ing dis­tance from EV1V there are a few cheaper gyms:

Easy Gym — Oxford Street: £19.99 — No con­tract — £25 join­ing fee

YMCA — Lon­don: £45.50 + 12 month con­tract — with cor­po­rate membership

The gym I went to before only cost me £15.99 per month. It’s a big shock to the sys­tem and my bank account to be pay­ing this much. :o I guess I’ll get used to it in the end. I’m think­ing of tak­ing advan­tage of these free 1 day tri­als and then by pay day I’ll join whichever gym suits me best.

Moving to Farringdon — Room Found

Let’s just say that I have been extremely stressed this month because I’ve been fran­ti­cally look­ing for a place that is close enough to where I work. Now, I work on Tot­ten­ham Court Road and it’s really expen­sive if you want to be within walk­ing dis­tance (up to an hour on foot is what I call walk­ing dis­tance) of Tot­ten­ham Court Road. Accord­ing to Renton­omy, if you wanted to live within the City of Lon­don then the aver­age rent for a 2 bed­room flat is £592 p/w, 87% higher than the aver­age else­where. I assessed that it was going to be bloody expen­sive, unaf­ford­able and likely hor­ri­ble to find a place in London.

I looked in Angel, Isling­ton, Cam­den Town, Regents Park, Shoredtich and found a few places that looked good. But of the few places I went to view — they were not what they looked like in the pic­tures. The first place I went to was in Shored­itch. In the pic­tures the sin­gle bed­room looked decent and so did the kitchen. How­ever, those were just the pic­tures. When I arrived to meet the agent, the door was spray painted with graf­fiti and the room was 4 floors up with­out an ele­va­tor. Not that any of that both­ered me. What both­ered me was the fact that he showed me around the dou­ble room when I specif­i­cally asked for the sin­gle. Unbe­known to me the sin­gle room that I asked to view had been taken an hour ear­lier, as the cur­rent ten­ant had given it away to one of his mates. Yet this never came up when I spoke to the estate agent over the phone. The price for the dou­ble room was £170 p/w, but it wasn’t even worth the £135 that I could afford and what I wanted to pay for the sin­gle. The kitchen was dirty, the flight of stairs you had to climb up was hor­ri­ble and smelled of damp. It was hor­ri­ble. I had other expe­ri­ences of a sim­i­lar nature until I came across a place in Far­ring­don — not 40 min­utes from where I work. 

A friend from work who lives in Shored­itch walked with me down the road that I needed to go to, as I’m totally clue­less when it comes to nav­i­gat­ing around Lon­don. This place in Far­ring­don only took 35 min­utes to get to on foot from Tot­ten­ham Court Road. I’m really happy about that as I thought that I’d be walk­ing a min­i­mum of one hour for the sort of place that I’d like to live in. The place isn’t a palace, but it’s a lot bet­ter than the places that I’ve viewed so far and the area is absolutely gor­geous. 

Work­ing out my monthly expenditure

I’ve also taken the time to do a bit of bud­get­ing with Excel. As it stands, liv­ing in Far­ring­don will cost me 43% of my income — a huge chunk. Right now I’m only pay­ing 30% of my income on rent, so that extra 10% is cer­tainly going to hurt a bit.

Monthly Expenditure in London

The last thing I wanted to do was spend 35% of my income on rent; how­ever, I fig­ure that if com­bine what I’m cur­rently pay­ing for rent with what I’m cur­rently pay­ing for travel to and from work (£135) then that equates to around 39% of my income. I guess if you com­bine what I think I’m going to pay for travel with my future rent costs then that equates to 47% of my income. I think it’s still worth it and that 4% (TfL) that I’ve bud­geted for might not actu­ally be a monthly cost as I’ll likely be walk­ing every­where or per­haps I may even buy a bike!

It’s going to be inter­est­ing liv­ing on this bud­get. There are also a lot of one-off costs that I’d like to bud­get for as well. I’d like to buy a com­puter mon­i­tor so I can hook it up to my lap­top and have dual mon­i­tors going and this should make it a lot eas­ier for me if I want to fin­ish off work that I’m behind on at home etc. I’m quite excited about mov­ing! :D


Dating with Tinder in London

It’s one of those dat­ing apps sim­i­lar to ‘Hot or Not’ that allows you to flick through thou­sands of people’s pho­tos where you essen­tially ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ peo­ple based on the way they look (although there is a short bit of text you can add under­neath your photo). The app is actu­ally quite con­tro­ver­sial, but I don’t really see it any dif­fer­ent to find­ing peo­ple in real life. Sure, you could reject some­one based on their looks on Tin­der, but you’d more than likely do the same in real life. Essen­tially, Tin­der doesn’t change the way you’re in real life. In any case, I think a large major­ity of peo­ple who use Tin­der use it for self-gratification, but it does have fea­tures that make it pos­si­ble for it to be much more than that.

So, I started using this app quite a lot this month and man­aged to get to know a few peo­ple and asked for their num­bers. A basic overview of how Tin­der works is: If I swipe right for a girl that I find attrac­tive and if she does the same to me (or vice versa), then this unlocks the func­tion­al­ity for us to com­mu­ni­cate to each other. And so today I actu­ally I went on a date with one girl who seemed quite nor­mal for a per­son on Tin­der. I’ve found that Tin­der is full of peo­ple look­ing for enter­tain­ment and the mes­sag­ing sys­tem must be ram­pant with weird puns or peo­ple mes­sag­ing you with emoti­cons ask­ing if you like egg­plants or ice cream (yes, this is a thing).

How did the date go?

It could have gone a lot bet­ter I think. I told her that I wasn’t a good drinker, as she sug­gested that we go to a pub nearby to where I work. I said that we should give it a day before we decide on any­thing, but on the day (today) we decided to go a pub that was local to where I work. I offered her a drink and asked her what she liked, and she ordered a wine and I ordered a bot­tle of beer. We then sat down and talked to each other for a good 40 min­utes. Talked about our past (my trav­els around South East Asia and her time in uni­ver­sity), what we liked, and our cur­rent lives. That was pretty cool.

I then, stu­pidly, sug­gested that we walk to Leices­ter Square, which is where every­thing just fell apart. The con­ver­sa­tion sort of went from sweet to sour when I asked her if liked Chi­nese food. She said no. And as a per­son who is half Tai­wanese and half British my inter­est in her dropped. My Tai­wanese side could not accept that she could dis­like Chi­nese food! I didn’t think I cared that much about some­one not lik­ing food that I love. I’m not sure if there are many girls out there that don’t like Chi­nese food, or maybe there are, but I was sad­dened at the announce­ment of this news. We arrived at China Town (a per­fect place to be after that con­ver­sa­tion), where I knew I had seen a bub­ble tea shop (bub­ble tea is an extremely pop­u­lar drink in Tai­wan) from quite some time ago when I had last vis­ited China Town. I offered her a bub­ble tea drink, with the assur­ance that I would fin­ish the drink if she didn’t like it. She didn’t like it. Awkward.

I sug­gested that we walk to Leices­ter Square just to have a look around. We walked and talked and entered M&M’s World. We had a look around and came across this machine that squashes 1p coins. I bought her one of those (they cost a £1), so at least she’ll have some­thing to take away from this date! We then left and this is where our con­ver­sa­tion became really awk­ward. I asked her if she was inter­ested in any films or inter­ested in the new Spider-Man 2 film. Nope. She responded by say­ing that she was inter­ested in stand-up com­edy. I named a few like Rus­sell Howard, Michael Mcin­tyre, Mil­ton Jones, Frankie Boyle and a few oth­ers who I can’t remem­ber of the top of my head. She didn’t know any of them. Awkward.

It’s now 8pm and I say to her that we bet­ter head off, as she has an essay to fin­ish and it’s get­ting a bit late. So we both entered Leices­ter Square sta­tion to get on the North­ern Line. We parted as she had to go south and I was going north toward Tot­ten­ham Court Road to trans­fer to the Cen­tral Line. As we parted, I ini­ti­ated a hug, but she kind of stood their dazed and I think she was expect­ing a kiss or some­thing. We both awk­wardly turned around and looked at each other, as we walked away toward our platforms.

All in all, it was a good learn­ing expe­ri­ence! The fact you can find peo­ple this eas­ily via Tin­der is what makes me think that Tin­der is great. I didn’t have to spend too much of my time to find some­one to have a drink with and if it worked… it worked and if not then I wouldn’t be livid over the fact that I had to spend hours find­ing some­one to take on a date.

A Trip To SanYi, Miaoli (Taiwan)

March 5th, 2012 — I went to a place in Tai­wan called SanYi in Miaoli County. Accord­ing to Wikipedia it’s a rural town­ship located close to moun­tains. I went to SanYi to climb a beau­ti­ful moun­tain and des­ti­na­tion. Along the way there were paddy fields and green­ery every­where. It’s really a site to see.

Here are a few pho­tographs that I took along the way with my now defunct camera:

Sanyi, miaoli - greenery

This is almost half way up the mountain.

pond reflection

I love this photo. The reflec­tion is perfect.

path up the mountain SanYi


SanYi Entrance

mountain hut

Maltese Close up (cute dog)

my cute doggy (zoomed out)

The two pho­tos above are pic­tures of my doggy in Tai­wan. She’s called Maoji and is a Mal­tese cross­breed. Isn’t she cute? :)

Macro flower close up

Tree with beans hanging off

flower covered roof

Scenery view of SanYi

Spec­tac­u­lar view of Miaoli (Taiwan)

Garden on SanYi's mountain

I hope you enjoyed my images! :) The trek up this moun­tain is well worth it. The view and scenery is just won­der­ful, and with Tai­wan being as hot as it is you get ultra light­ing when you take pic­tures. It just looks so colour­ful! I do have to say that these images were com­pressed. In fact, they are images that were first uploaded to Face­book and then re-downloaded. The orig­i­nal images are on my other hard drive.


Holiday Calculator — Cost of Living Abroad

NatWest has recently cre­ated a travel tool called the ‘Hol­i­day Spend­ing Cal­cu­la­tor’. And this tool essen­tially com­pares the cost of every­day items in 25 cap­i­tal cities around the world with Lon­don. For exam­ple, a litre of milk will cost you £1.48 in Bei­jing whilst a litre of milk in Lon­don would only cost you £1.06. Or that a taxi trip on aver­age will cost you £2.75 in Bei­jing and in Lon­don £12.00. It’s these vast dif­fer­ences in prices that informs you how much it’ll cost if you travel to any of these locations.

Why not give the tool a try below?:

New Smart Shoes for work

I don’t seem to be a very good picker of decent shoes. Any of the shoes that I do buy break or start wear­ing down con­sid­er­ably within a month. And it’s not that I’m buy­ing them cheap either. The last pair of shoes that I bought was on ASOS for £60. £60 for a pair of men’s smart shoes seems to be quite rea­son­able, no? The last pair before that cost me only £26.99 as there was a deal going on and it seemed like a bar­gain at the time.

I think it might be due to the way I walk that these shoes are breaking.

I walk in a very stern man­ner and I’m think­ing that is what is mak­ing my shoes wear down so eas­ily. It’s the fact that I almost glide when walk­ing and think it’s quite cool, even though I’m break­ing my shoes whilst doing this. I’ve got to either stop doing this or start wear­ing sports shoes to work that will last longer than a pair of smart shoes.

Any­ways, here’s my lat­est pair of smart shoes for work:


With trousers on:

New Brown Shoes

Rear side of the shoe:

New Brown Shoes - rear

I bought this from Blue-Inc in Strat­ford for the nice price of £26.99. Not a bad price at all. Let’s see if this makes it past a month. I will post an update with the state of my shoes in 1 month’s time. :)

London Underground

When’s the right time to find another job

How do you know when the time’s right to move on and find some­thing that you really find chal­leng­ing? A col­league of mine very recently was accepted for a job at Twit­ter. It kind of opens your eyes as to what is avail­able out there when some­one doing the same job as you is able to get a nice job like that some­where. You kind of think, “if she can do that, then maybe it’s pos­si­ble I can find some­thing as pres­ti­gious as Twitter?”

I mean at the moment I find my job chal­leng­ing to a degree. I love my col­leagues (who I con­sider friends) and life isn’t going too badly. The only bad thing that has hap­pened is that it’s a lit­tle dif­fi­cult find­ing some­where in Lon­don that is afford­able (and decent) and not too far of a jour­ney from work. Aside from that, the only issues I’m hav­ing is the re-organisation that we are going through as the team I work on has been a lit­tle dis­jointed from the day I started work­ing there. We’ve grown quite rapidly from just a team of 4 to now over 20 peo­ple on the team. It became quite appar­ent that you can’t run a team in such a laissez-faire envi­ron­ment with no real sense of coor­di­na­tion or hierarchy.

But, things have changed for me quite dra­mat­i­cally as a result of this restruc­tur­ing. It seems I’m being moved from one account to another. It’s the account that every­one has pat­ted me on the back for the work I’ve done and the account that I was on when I was offered a posi­tion and called an “asset” by my boss. This is why I’m find­ing it hard to under­stand why I’m being moved off that account when I’ve clearly in every aspect done well for that account.

They’ll be hir­ing a new per­son to replace the role that I’ve had for that account for the past 6 months, but it will be a lit­tle kick in the teeth if I have to train some­one who is being employed above my level/pay to work on that account. There’s no real expla­na­tion as to why this is hap­pen­ing, and I’m frankly dis­ap­pointed for the first time in work­ing at this com­pany. A lit­tle com­mu­ni­ca­tion before they decided on all of this would have been nice. After they decide on this is a lit­tle too late; there’s no room left for change.

A visit to London’s Olympic Park in Stratford

I recall see­ing the Olympic sta­dium being built dur­ing early con­struc­tion stages before leav­ing this coun­try and I wanted to the see the games in per­son, but jet­ted off to the island of Tai­wan where I then spent the next two years of my life study­ing and work­ing. Dur­ing this time, I missed the Olympics and didn’t really care for it too much, but it was quite a big deal in Tai­wan, espe­cially as there was that whole fiasco sur­round­ing the sort of flags that were being dis­played around Lon­don for the Tai­wanese Olympic team (offi­cially, the Chi­nese Taipei team). Now that I’m back in the UK, and specif­i­cally liv­ing in Strat­ford, I thought it would be quite the oppor­tu­nity to visit the Olympic park, as it has only just been opened to the public.

Here are a few pic­tures that I took with my Nexus 4 smart­phone (I’m look­ing to replace my Pana­sonic DMC-FZ28!):

Aquatics Centre, river side

Aquat­ics Cen­tre, river side (London)

Aquatics Centre

Aquat­ics Cen­tre, London

Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Arcelor Mit­tal Orbit

Last, but not least, the Olympic Stadium:

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Sta­dium, London

I appre­ci­ate that these pho­tos aren’t exactly the qual­ity that you’d expect, but I did only have my Nexus 4 on hand. I am look­ing into buy­ing a fairly priced D-SLR for my photo tak­ing adven­tures. Sug­ges­tions would be nice. But once I do get a nicer cam­era, I’ll go back and will either cre­ate a new post or update this post with the new imagery. :) 

1 bedroom property to rent in Varley Road E16 London

Finding a place to live in London

I’ve been look­ing at mov­ing house and very recently found a place. But unfor­tu­nately the deal fell through as the land­lord decided that they he would favour a mem­ber of his fam­ily in place of me. This is a small set­back, but just means I’ll have to live where I’m cur­rently stay­ing for a while longer.

I thought I’d post up a few of the sites that I’ve been using to look for places.

First up is

Adver­tised as the UK’s #1 Flat­share Web­site and touted as the #7 web­site in the Busi­ness and Finance — Prop­erty indus­try via Exper­ian — Hit­Wise, it’s likely you’ve heard of Spare­Room. If not, then it’s def­i­nitely a web­site that you should use.

My favourite fea­ture on Spare­Room is their Map Search func­tion that allows you to inter­ac­tively find spare rooms in houses and flats via a map. It’s much bet­ter than the sort of directory-esque list­ings that you get on the likes of GumTree and Right­Move. At least this way you can explore other areas that might be in your bud­get range and not too dis­tant from the area you would like to live in. Plus, most of the list­ing on Spare­Room are from actual land­lords rather than agen­cies that will charge you £100 in agency fees.

Sec­ond up is

OpenRent’s data­base of flat/house shares is not as large as SpareRoom’s, but its inter­face is quite intu­itive (I love that word) and easy to use. They actu­ally charge land­lords to adver­tise on there and sort of work sim­i­larly to an affil­i­ate web­site. From what research I’ve done on Open­Rent (admit­tedly not enough), I’ve found that they used to charge land­lords 5% of a prop­er­ties annual rental income if they chose to adver­tise (via the paid route) on Open­Rent. There is how­ever a free option for land­lords to place their ads on Open­Rent. The good thing for ten­ants is that there aren’t any addi­tional fees to pay, which is how it should be really. OpenRent’s tagline is “NO ADMIN FEES, NO HIDDEN COSTS.” Here’s what OpenRent’s map search fea­ture looks like:


Again, I do have to over­state the lack of prop­er­ties listed on this site. But you never know when you might find a bar­gain and it’s def­i­nitely worth look­ing on this site for one (that’s if there is any­thing in the area you’re search­ing in).

Third up is

Now, I do have a lit­tle resent­ment towards GumTree as I was scammed on there when I stu­pidly handed over almost £220 over to a thief for a smart­phone that I thought was a bar­gain. Turns out the only bar­gain was had by the receiver of my money. If we for­get this lit­tle hic­cup for a moment, you’ll find that GumTree has a sec­tion where you can post up your own ads (so that land­lords come seek­ing you rather than the oppo­site way round) or you can find ads posted by landlords/agencies. You have the generic options that come with most web­sites, where you can fil­ter down to how much you would like to pay per week and so on.

Flatshare in Islington   Gumtree

As with any web­site like this, you have to be extremely cau­tious and even more so with GumTree. It’s quite an active web­site, but I’ve had to list it here as its data­base of house & flat shares is quite large. You’d likely be able to find some­thing on GumTree if not any­where else.  Be care­ful though.

Last up is

Find­Prop­erly is another of those 3rd party sites pow­ered by Zoopla. I’m sure you’ve seen Zoopla plas­tered every­where in your hunt for a flat/house share. What makes Find Prop­erly unique is its sim­plic­ity and its addi­tional abil­ity to give you an idea about the area you might want to move into. For exam­ple, I’m look­ing for a place in Strat­ford for around £120 per week. You can see the results like this here:

properties to rent for less than £120 per week in London

Then if you click on to a full list­ing there are fea­tures on the list­ing that give you a bet­ter idea of area in terms of trans­port, nightlife, restau­rants and other activ­i­ties. There’s also a neat map that shows you exactly where the house is.

1 bedroom property to rent in Varley Road  E16  London

How­ever, again, there is a lack of prop­er­ties on this site and that’s likely due to the lack of pop­u­lar­ity that sites like this get when com­pared to big­ger sites like GumTree and Spare­Room. But you never know where you’ll find those hid­den gems, which make sites like this some­times worth the extra has­sle of check­ing out every so often.


Work Is Tiring Me Out

 I seem to be con­stantly think­ing about work and it’s get­ting quite hec­tic at work as we’ve won new busi­ness. I’m likely not allowed to talk any fur­ther than this about work, but I’m cer­tainly feel­ing the heat.

I was read­ing this BBC arti­cle before about stress and it has a use­ful stress test­ing tool on there. One of the first ques­tions I answered was, “How often do you find your­self being irri­ta­ble with friends and fam­ily?!” and I realised that quite often I’m irri­tated by what my sis­ter does or when speak­ing to my par­ents. It’s cer­tainly some­thing I need to work on. I’m think­ing of tak­ing next week off and per­haps book­ing a short hol­i­day some­where just by myself to some­where nice. Any­ways, here’s how I scored on that stress tester: stress test bbcRight now, I just have this really bad headache. For the entirety of this week I’ve started work at 8:30AM and fin­ished at around 8:00PM. I sup­pose I feel over­whelmed with the amount of work that I’m doing. Whilst this is occur­ring I’m find­ing that I’m not doing as much work as before and my head just seems to be all over the place. The only good thing about this week is the fact that I’m proud of myself for going through with the pre­sen­ta­tion I had to give to the new grad­u­ates who had just joined the com­pany I work for. It was in front of 30 peo­ple and that’s actu­ally the biggest audi­ence that I’ve pre­sented in front of. I’m really proud of myself for doing that as I didn’t think I had that in me to be as con­fi­dent as I was. It’s time to sleep.


Yes!! I can present!

Pub­lic speak­ing has never been my strong suit, and it has always tor­mented me a lit­tle as I’ve always wanted to be good at it. A week ago my man­ager asked if I could present in front of 30 peo­ple that had recently joined the com­pany and had gone on the grad­u­ate scheme. Essen­tially I was tasked along with two other lovely col­leagues to cre­ate a pre­sen­ta­tion that would help those new to the busi­ness under­stand what search engine opti­mi­sa­tion is all about and exactly what we do.

Along with the two lovely afore­men­tioned col­leagues we cre­ated a beau­ti­ful pre­sen­ta­tion that talked all about search engine opti­mi­sa­tion in a sim­plis­tic way that those we were speak­ing to could under­stand within the hour and a half that we had with them.

It went well. At first I ini­ti­ated it all by ask­ing every­one their name, posi­tion and whether they would like to share any inter­ests. That went really well. Oh, aside from the fact that I didn’t state my name when I told them about myself. My col­leagues cor­rected me on this, and I kind of made fun of the per­son that cor­rected me when she stated “we usu­ally call him J J”, which is actu­ally false! No one calls me J J and every­one usu­ally calls me Jonny, except for my boss who seems to like call­ing me by my full name, Jonathan Jones. We then got into the deck and man­aged to go through the first 30 min­utes of the deck where I talked about search engines, why we use Google, Google’s search algo­rithm, the AOL Click Curve, tools such as Scream­ing Frog, Bright­Edge, Web­mas­ter Tools etc.

I’ll be hon­est, I didn’t think I had it in me. I thought I would essen­tially suf­fer through­out the entire pre­sen­ta­tion — stut­ter­ing, for­get­ting every­thing, or doing some­thing that might embar­rass myself. But no, I did the com­plete oppo­site. I did well and accord­ing to early feed­back the peo­ple there enjoyed the pre­sen­ta­tion and found it quite use­ful. We also did a bit of a Q&A and if they asked ques­tions I was actu­ally able to answer them with accu­rate infor­ma­tion. I’m so pleased with myself, as I’m def­i­nitely not a con­fi­dent per­son and I guess if what­ever came of this pre­sen­ta­tion was neg­a­tive then would have been dev­as­tated and I would prob­a­bly be beat­ing myself up about it all.

I actu­ally do want to take part in pre­sen­ta­tions in the future. I guess that now I know that I can do them, what’s the prob­lem? Haha.

I’m just so happy right now. But I am also so tired as well! It’s off to the shower and to bed!