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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

I reached my target weight!

Posted by on Sep 6, 2011 in Health

For the past couple of days my weight has sat a steady 86kgs; however, today before I exercised in the gym I weighed myself and I now weigh 85kgs. I feel I’;ve come a long way I originally weighed 110kgs and possibly more if I had not taken action against the way I was living and eating. I now regularly exercise, go out and generally I am more concerned about my fitness and health more than ever. Even though I have been eating a lot lately my metabolic rate has increased which means I can eat a lot more without having to suffer the consequences of gaining overall weight. But I am still not happy with the way my body looks. Although I have slimmed down and put on some muscle, I also want to lose a lot more fat....

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Damn I wish I had money

Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 in Opinion

I wish I had money that I could spend. I would branch out more on my online websites and do a lot more online and be more active on the business side of things. I could go on holiday’s, live in a nice apartment by myself and be more independent. – I wish that was me. Perhaps one day it will be me. I would love to be financially secure on my own without having to use my parents money or my own money that I saved while I was working in the UK. I hope to perhaps get a decent paid job in Taichung or Taipei. I have already tried working as an English teacher, but I didn’t like that job one bit. Although the pay was decent, it wasn’t my thing. I could probably still get this type...

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Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in Health, Opinion

I just want to post "bleh" since I have a really large migraine right now.   I have been phoning back and forth to the legalisation office (Foreign Commonwealth Office) to get small details that I am filling in to get 2 documents legalised. It will cost me £60 for both of these documents to be legalised. The cost of sending the documents I am not sure of yet. But the headache begins here. I need to then get the FCO to send the documents after they have been legalised and stamped to the Taipei Representative Office. I haven't done much posting before, so I am not exactly sure how to do all this perfectly without screwing anything up. I think I am doing things right, but there is always that feeling you are sending of documents which you'll never receive back, because...

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Made a new friend

Posted by on Jul 17, 2011 in Updates

I am taking a deep dive into the friendship ring today by going out with a girl who saw my ad on a website called Tealit to do some language exchange and to hopefully make friends with her. I have talked extensively over Facebook with her and I asked her if she would like to go grab a coffee. But I kind of made her choose the place and since she has a car she is picking me up. (I am very romantic :P)  As you can tell. I will bring my camera with me just to see where she takes me and hopefully it will be somewhere nice. The main purpose is for her to teach me a little Chinese and to test me for a test I have coming up on Monday. (I also have another language...

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Chinese is hard

Posted by on Jul 15, 2011 in Opinion

I wish Chinese was so much easier to learn. I find it so difficult. I am currently probably the lowest grade student in the language course itself. I try and dedicate time for studying, but it appears to me that others can easily understand the language without any problems.   I understand bopomofo, which is like abcdefghijklmopqrstuvwxyz, except much harder, since you have to remember what they look like and some of them aren't straight forward like English. I'm failing at class. I have recently managed to get 2 language exchange partners.  I hope they can help me.   If anything, the next language I want to learn is Korean. That would be so awesome if I could and since there are no tones in Korean, like there is in Chinese, I won't have to worry too much about saying...

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Nearly reached my weight loss goal

Posted by on Jul 11, 2011 in Health, Opinion

In accordance to my BMI, I originally calculated I needed to lose around 11kg, which is 24.4 pounds and around 1.72 stones for my fellow British readers. I have already lost 7 kg which means to reach my target I need to lose another 4 kg. I am quite proud I have lost that amount of weight in such a short time. I have been doing daily exercise, eating more healthy and going out with friends a lot more and really burning those calories.   At one point I thought I was stuck at 90 kg's. (I am 6"2, so 85 kg is around the right weight for me, which means large size t-shirts will be able to fit me soon enough) However since I have been going to the gym nearly on a daily routine, lifting weights on my legs,...

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Pumped about my exercising

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Health

I have been very committed to my exercising and not only am I purely just running around tracks and parks, I am also going to the gym lifting 80 lb weights on my legs and for my arms too. Granted I didn't do much weight lifting today, mostly I did a lot of running and cardio exercise. Some on the running machine and a lot of exercise on the bicycle machine. (I around 13 miles on the bicycle machine)   Then I proceeded to do some exercise with the weight lifting contraption. 80 lb was kind of heavy, but I need to train more at that type of weight to hopefully be able to lift that easy soon enough.   I will be focusing tomorrow mostly on my arms and I might do some proper weight lifting with dung-bells and bar-bells...

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Fun times

Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in Opinion, Photography

I have probably had my most enjoyable times in Taiwan recently. When I first arrived it was purely sitting around doing nothing and waiting for something to happen. But since I have been enrolled into a language course, I have made friends we have gone out and it has been fun. Learning Chinese has been difficult, but I just need to practice more which I’m finding hard to do with so many distractions such as the internet and going out frequently now. But I have also picked up a few words here and there and I now know how to order my favorite food if I want it. Ordering drinks is a bit of an experience though, you always get a smirk from the cashier or worker who can recognize your foreign accent. It is funny when a cute girl is serving me...

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The interview, I may have a job

Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in Opinion

I made a post yesterday talking about how I didn’t get the interview that I suspected I would get. I just came back from a long, long road (Metaphorically) and it seemed that there were a few bumps and a few nervous tendencies but one thing that was apparent was the amount of doubt that I had about myself.   I feel this “interview” went okay. I don’t think it was a serious interview as it was done in front of the bosses wife who wants me to have a job at this place. If she doesn’t like the person who was interviewing me, then there could possibly be consequences for him. So I feel under different circumstances, I doubt I would have been able to attain a job at this place.   I tried hinting that I liked...

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So how did that amazing job interview go?

Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in Updates

It turns out I was just pleasing the wife's husbands bosses 12 year old son which was kind of boring. I made friends with him for sure, but I wasn't looking to make friends with a 12 year old but to get a job. To my surprise she took me to an Italian restaurant then to a Hong Kong style restaurant. I tried discussing her husbands business or her business (A joint business between them) but that never really got anywhere.   I don't think I was going for an interview but just to make friends with their son(s). Their other 19 year old son seemed pretty cool. But purely he just seemed to be the guy living the life since he has a well-off family. I mean he seemed like a nice guy and everything, but from the looks of it,...

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