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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Meeting an old friend

Posted by + on Jul 11, 2013 in Life

Today I met up with an old friend of mine from sec­ondary school. I can’t hon­estly say that the expe­ri­ence was enjoy­able as we went to...

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First job interview since I arrived in London

Posted by + on May 24, 2013 in Blog, Life

07/04/2013: Please read the update(s) I posted below. tldr: — Angel Links is a door to door mar­ket­ing firm.  Today, I went to a job...

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Life update post

Posted by + on Jan 31, 2013 in Life, Updates

I am sure I’ve made sim­i­lar posts to this post about my future. The uncer­tain­ties, the wor­ries and the “What will hap­pen…...

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Cracked camera screen

Posted by + on Jan 25, 2013 in Life

5 days ago I cracked my camera’s screen; I own a Pana­sonic DMC-FZ28. I screwed up bad as I’m a lit­tle low on money and can’t afford a...

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I’ve been a busy bee!

Posted by + on Jan 25, 2013 in Life, Travel

I don’t know where to start! Although the begin­ning is usu­ally the best place, I feel as if I haven’t posted in a while, to which that...

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Grandmother passed away

Posted by + on Dec 30, 2012 in Life

My grand­mother has never been healthy, espe­cially when it came to her inter­nals. Every 3 days she would have to go to the hos­pi­tal to...

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Posted by + on Dec 21, 2012 in Gaming, Life, Opinion

This post is sort of an update as to why I haven’t posted on this blog in quite a while. I haven’t exactly had any­thing enter­tain­ing...

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Why long distance relationships are hard

Posted by + on Oct 5, 2012 in Life

Long dis­tance rela­tion­ships are where two peo­ple who love each other are unfor­tu­nately sep­a­rated by dis­tance. Usu­ally the only...

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My trip to South Korea

Posted by + on Oct 5, 2012 in Featured, Life, Travel

I just came back from Incheon Inter­na­tional Air­port, or South Korea just a cou­ple hours ago. (It takes around 2.5 hours from Korea to...

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Delicious food in Taichung

Posted by + on Sep 6, 2012 in Life

Most days I have just been eat­ing Chinese/Asian food, how­ever I was with my mother and we came across this nice cafe-type...

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