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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Travel Guide: Getting to Greece without a Plane

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Travel

Image by James Barker. This article was written by Lauren Sutton on behalf of If you are coming out of full-time education or taking a career break, you may be considering the idea of going travelling. It may be that you just want to take a holiday but fancy doing things a bit differently. The idea of backpacking is very appealing to some people, particularly if they want to explore several places on their trip. Heading to Greece gives you the chance to visit a huge number of different places but still keeps you relatively close to home. Prepare Long-stay backpacker insurance will need to be a top priority for those wishing to explore the world, as will a valid passport with plenty of time left on it. It’s worth arranging any visas you may need well in advance so...

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What’s at Sun Moon Lake?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Photography, Travel

Around a week ago I went to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and to the Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村) in Nantou county in Taiwan. I went with one of my cousins who is a tour guide, so he introduced my family to the place; even though I’ve been there twice before. These are also the posts I made the last time I went there: “Sun Moon Lake” “Isn’t Taiwan beautiful?” “Fun times!” All these pictures were taken at Sun Moon Lake; either in the Sun Moon Lake area or...

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Trip to Kaohsiung (高雄)

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Featured, Travel

I recently went to this place called Gaoxiong (Pinyin) or Kaohsiung (TW Pinyin; 高雄) and it is the first time I’ve been there since I’ve been in Taiwan. Usually, foreigners will travel around and go places; however, little old me has just primarily stayed in Taichung.  I’m boring I guess. Although if cash weren’t a concern I’d be going anywhere and everywhere, so I need to be a little fiscally conservative if I want to survive. I went with a group of friends and with my sister, and we met up with my friend’s relatives who took us around Kaohsiung on a sort of tour guide of the nice places in and out of the city. One of those places we went to was a place called Cháishān (柴山), a mountain in Kaohsiung that has a monkey reserve sitting on it! Below...

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I’ve been a busy bee!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Life, Travel

I don’t know where to start! Although the beginning is usually the best place, I feel as if I haven’t posted in a while, to which that is true. So I’m just going to post a few pictures that I’ve downloaded from my Facebook album recently. Other than my grandmother passing away, and with some of my relatives being up in arms over the inheritance, everything has been fine. I kind of look at the way my grandmother was and I have concluded that it was best that she died, as her condition was not getting better and a life of immobility is not really a life. She also said to my mother that she wanted to die as you literally needed someone with her 24/7 to do things for her as she could not move on her own...

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My trip to South Korea

Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Featured, Life, Travel

I just came back from Incheon International Airport, or South Korea just a couple hours ago. (It takes around 2.5 hours from Korea to Taiwan) I only stayed for 6 days, and those 6 days have been the best time of my life. I haven’t had the most exciting life in the world, so this trip may appear as trivial to others. However for me, meeting my girlfriend after having no access to her physical presence for over 9 months really made this trip special. I could have stayed with her indoors and it would have been special, I didn’t even need to go to special areas or places to enjoy myself, just having her presence was enough to make this special. Having said that, I went to many places with her and had a blast of a time. We went to the DMZ,...

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Trip to Dounan/Douliu

Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Travel

Today, I went to Dounan/斗南 to get my teeth checked at a dentist there. It’s quite a distance away from Taichung, as apparently that dentist in Dounan/斗南 is one of the best in middle-Taiwan. Plus, I have a friend who works there and she recommends me to go there and it’s a great away to practice with my Chinese speaking abilities. Anyways, in Dounan/斗南  there is essentially nothing. The place is tiny and they literally only have one main road where they sell stuff, every other place is just people’s homes. So instead, I went to Douliu/斗六 which is close by and north of  Dounan/斗南. I bought some products for my skin in Douliu/斗六 as my skin is quite bad since the temperatures in Taichung/Taiwan has been and is still very high causing my skin to dry up, which is causing me to...

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A nice stroll around Taichung

Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Travel

Chinese: 今天我和我的狗狗在台中散步! English: Today, I walked around Taichung with my dog! Let’s just say I might make it a habit to go around Taichung by myself in the morning just to look around, it’s so peaceful and the exercise is good. Plus, it’s like exploring, seeing places you haven’t seen before and you get to see how things work in the morning, like people rushing to go to school, work or things like that. Anyway’s, here are my pictures for today! 🙂 Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. It was great exercise and it was quite enjoyable. All in all, we walked for around 2 hours! 🙂 I love having free...

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Taichung park and surrounding areas

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Travel

This morning I decided to go for a walk, as opposed to the running that I usually do. Instead of running inside the park (台中公園), I walked and I went sightseeing around the area where I live nearby. I took a few low quality pictures with my phone’s camera. Here are the pictures: Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. This is ZhongYouBaiHuo (中友百貨), a large shopping mall/centre nearby to where I live! I sometimes go there to purchase coffee, frappachinos etc from Starbucks. Next. Next. That’s all for now. I’ll try and take more interesting pictures next time, and I’ll be travelling to South Korea this month on the 29th, so hopefully I’ll get some interesting pictures up. I’ll also be uploading higher quality pictures of my trip in Seoul, Korea to my photography website, so...

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Swimming in Taiwan!

Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in Health, Travel

I recently came across this beautiful swimming centre, and I’ve now dedicated myself to go this place for at least a day per week! It is in Taichung and I haven’t actually seen it advertised on the internet yet. However, as the forgetful person I am — I’ve actually forgotten the name of this swimming centre. It features jacuzzi’s, hot tubs, swimming pools, sauna’s and basically the whole lot. It includes facilities for children, older people and generally works for everyone. They even have a tub which is full of ice water which, perhaps, could be perceived as relaxing — although I’d rather not catch a cold, so I prefer to use the hot tubs. I’m going again tomorrow, so I’ll take some pictures and take note of the actual name of the facility itself — along with the address. It takes...

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Checkup at the 803 hospital

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Opinion, Travel

Today, I was busy and missed my Mandarin classes and instead went for a military checkup at a military hospital called “803 hospital” when translated into English from Mandarin. It was kind of weird as I was the only westerner signing up for the required military service, although little did those around me know that I am in-fact Taiwanese.  I had a group of women soldiers who helped me and I think took a keen interest in me; let’s just say. For example, I had this one women who was infatuated with talking to me in Mandarin. While others were talking behind my back saying things like “he is so cute” etc. It was a funny experience for sure. However they were very helpful and beautiful too! 😀 Plus, they taught me a few words which I would likely...

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