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Food shopping in Taiwan (大買家)

I usually go to this supermarket called 大買家 or Da Mai Jia (English name: Save and Safe) and its surprising how the supermarkets in this country are very western. I also like the fact that there are many different companies who have supermarkets dotted around Taichung. Although admittedly Carrefour, the massive French company dominates the supermarket scene, but there is definitely competition. While Tesco used to be in Taiwan, and traded all of its stores in Taiwan to Carrefour for all of Carrefour’s stores in Czech Republic, there are still many other independent and other companies operating supermarkets here. Examples range from Costco, the massive American branded store, and the Japanese Matsusei supermarket.

Here are a few pics I took inside Da Mai Jia:

A picture of pizza large watermelons large watermelon aspect ratio human hand fruits in a supermarket milk in a taiwanese supermarket meat in a taiwanese supermarket 949515_10200689993606570_1937813643_o Taiwan supermarket Taiwan supermarket Chinese food in a Taiwanese supermarket cooked chicken Coca Cola Picture of meat in a supermarket More meat in a market DaiMaiJia supermarket cooking the pizza 958795_10200689999926728_774728009_o 962270_10200690000766749_1733669978_o 962302_10200690006606895_650165548_o More milk What I bought at the supermarket

As you can see supermarkets in Taiwan are very similar to that of those in western countries or namely the United Kingdom. It’s probably why Tesco’s couldn’t break into this market as there were already existing supermarkets doing similar things to what Tesco’s does in the UK and Europe. I.e. provide budget supermarkets for large areas.

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