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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

5 things to do in Taichung


1.  Learn Mandarin

Learn­ing Man­darin is at the top of my list of things to do in Tai­wan, let alone Taichung. It’s cheaper, from my small search online, than Chi­nese schools that offer Man­darin pro­grams in China and I feel the envi­ron­ment is a lot more mod­ern and the peo­ple are a lot nicer in Tai­wan than they are in China. (Huge gen­er­al­i­sa­tion, I know.) To make myself feel better, according to statistics and the latest news China has extremely bad environmental records. – So, come to Taiwan instead. To move things on a bit, where should you study Mandarin in Taichung? Here’s a nice list that I’ve put together:

Per­son­ally, I stud­ied at a university’s lan­guage cen­tre in a uni­ver­sity known as “Feng-Chia Uni­ver­sity” and it offers an excel­lent pro­gram for begin­ners, novice and advanced Man­darin Chi­nese stu­dents. — It’s where I made the major­ity of my friends in Tai­wan and it really made me happy. At first, my learn­ing abil­ity of other lan­guages was dread­ful, but after learn­ing Mandarin-Chinese, I feel that my abil­ity to learn other lan­guages has increased as I know I can speak other lan­guages if put effort into it; rather than think­ing, “I will never have the abil­ity to learn other lan­guages”. This was some­thing that I gen­uinely believed before. Any­ways, Learn Man­darin! It’s a use­ful lan­guage and an emerging global language!

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