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5 things to do in Taichung

2. Visit the Night Markets 

Yi Zhong Street


Taichung is popular for its many night markets and the night life in Taiwan as a whole is unlike any other when compared to western countries. Especially, as a person from England, I can say that Taichung has an exciting night life and that you should come over here, make friends, work, and go out to these night markets to buy drinks, eat food, buy clothes and practice your new Mandarin speaking skills!

However, it’s okay if you can’t yet speak Mandarin, as most places have signs that are in English and even the workers can speak enough English to understand what you want. I recommend trying the famous Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶) and the delicious cheap food in the night markets.

Feng Chia

Feng Chia Night Market

Night Markets to visit:

  • Feng-Chia night market
  • Yi-Zhong-Jie night market
  • More…

My personal favourites are the 2 listed above as they are situated in nice locations and are crowded. (Yes, I like people.) However, there are more night markets out there if you look and I haven’t been to all of them, so I’m not going to speak for them.

Buying clothes advice

When my sister visited Taiwan, the one thing she found that was cheaper than England was the clothing and shoes. The shoes can be really cheap. But, I don’t want people to buy cheap stuff that won’t last long, as that type of clothing does exist and in the end it’s a waste of money if the clothing you buy only lasts a month or so. I would recommend paying at least $500-1,000NT for a nice pair of jeans and at least $1,500NT for a nice pair of shoes. Anything below that amount, I would not consider as high enough quality for purchase. I could be wrong and you could indeed find a bargain, and that is the beauty of purchasing things in Taiwan, you can find bargains and you can find a whole new look. Also, if you are purchasing stuff at night market, I’d recommend that you purchase inside shops rather than stools. In my opinion the stools sell the lower quality goods that won’t last long and maybe after a couple wash cycles, they’ll be faded and will look old.

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