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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

86kg to 84kg! Weight lost!

I’ve lost weight!

This year I weighed around 86kg after putting on weight when my sister left Taiwan. She visited for like a month and during that period I did not exercise. Before my sister arrived in Taiwan, I exercised every single day and sure enough I was doing well. But, boy, when my sister came here she really increased the amount of food I was eating. We would always be eating something and her eating habits slowly drifted onto me. I was begging not go to any buffet restaurants, as I also wanted my sister to lose weight as well.

So, by the time she left I weighed a cool 86kg. I knew I had put on weight and I got myself into gear and restarted my exercising regime the first day she left.

I’ve now cut myself down to just 84kg. It’s been tough as I feel I’ve hit a plateau, but clearly I’m still losing weight and I recently found that out after going in for a check-up to a local hospital. (I’m healthy, thankfully) I’m 183cm and weigh 84.1kg. I’m quite happy with that as I thought the machine would say I was 85kg or more.

As for pictures, I don’t have any at the moment and I don’t feel like taking any; however, I do have an old body shot (of my stomach) and I may put a comparison picture of my progress so far.

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