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Fitness update

Let’s just say that while my sister has been in Taiwan I’ve gained weight, as I’ve been going out and eating at restaurants and I simply have not had enough time to exercise.

However, I’ve changed all that; now that my sister has returned to the UK I’ve started exercising again.

Today, I pushed myself and I ran around the track 14 times without stopping at a fast pace; it took half an hour to do that as I was really pushing myself.

I just weighed myself and I only gained 3kgs, so it isn’t as bad as I thought it was — as I originally thought I had gained 7kgs; that would really have been a disaster. So, weighing myself now I weigh 86kgs where at my peak I got down to 80kgs, however that was long time ago. In December, before my sister arrived in Taiwan I weighed roughly 83kgs. I’m still overweight by a small margin in comparison to how I was 2 years ago when I originally arrived in Taiwan, but I’ve still got more weight to carve away at. My ideal weight would be 75kgs, but the reason I started putting weight on at 80kgs is because I became fed up as I wasn’t losing any more weight; effectively I hit a plateau. That plateau really demotivated me as I was tirelessly trying to lose weight, yet there were no obvious signs of any weight loss or muscle growth. That really annoyed me, so I became lazy I guess.

I’m rebooting now and hopefully in a month or two I will notice changes, as I will be pushing myself to the absolute LIMITS! Ha.

Here’s a recent pic of myself:

The monkey and I.

I’ll update this when I feel I can see a difference! I’ve definitely gained weight around my face as I’ve been comparing my face to how it was one year ago:


I can definitely see a difference, or am I just hallucinating?

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