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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

God damnit that used to be me

That used to be me. I'm quite jealous as one of the guys round the running track today was constantly running without stopping. Admittedly I could only handle 3 runs without stopping around the track. This guy was relentless. He kept going, going and going. Then I looked at myself and thought, one day that will be me. Once I reach that fitness level, I think I will be happy with myself. I just want to be able to run round a track constantly and only my breath stopping me from running. It seems that legs start to waiver if I run too much. I guess I need to lose weight in this area. But when I was around 16, I could run for miles without stopping. I was the relentless guy. I used to run 4 miles around my school track most of the time especially so in P.E. I could always lap around the group in my class and leave them behind. I could literally run as opposed to jog the whole way round.


Today on this date, I am pathetic. I can do 3 to maybe 4 runs without stopping. This is significant however as yesterday I could only achieve 2 runs around the track without stopping. I really pushed myself for the 3rd round but for the fourth, I just tried sprinting, then stopped half-way.


Anyways I'm happy with what I have done today. I ran around the track this afternoon 4 times and earlier in the day I ran round 7 times (In intervals), so 11 runs around the track in a day is quite a considerable amount for a beginner like myself. (Though I really used to be an expert) – I just need to get my fitness back and maybe that will self-motivate me if I have the power.


I guess I was quite disappointed, but I've got to look away from the past and look into the future. But I always, always remind myself, if I had not broken my leg years ago, I probably would have had a six pack, won my school's cross country race and would have had different views on life.


Whatever the case, bring on the future. 🙂

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