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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

I reached my target weight!

For the past couple of days my weight has sat a steady 86kgs; however, today before I exercised in the gym I weighed myself and I now weigh 85kgs.

I feel I’;ve come a long way

I originally weighed 110kgs and possibly more if I had not taken action against the way I was living and eating. I now regularly exercise, go out and generally I am more concerned about my fitness and health more than ever. Even though I have been eating a lot lately my metabolic rate has increased which means I can eat a lot more without having to suffer the consequences of gaining overall weight.

But I am still not happy with the way my body looks. Although I have slimmed down and put on some muscle, I also want to lose a lot more fat. Or around 3 kg worth of fat. Or perhaps when I start to look good I will slow things down a little. Since I am going to the gym near enough everyday and work out 1 hour if not more in the gym; this is primarily how I’ve lost weight.

On another topic…

I applied very recently to be Taiwanese. With this comes the obligation that as a Taiwanese person, I have to do 12 months of military conscription. Although my Chinese sucks, it is still possible for a foreigner with bad Chinese language skills to do the conscription, or so I have heard. I still think it would be the worst idea ever to place a gun in the hands of someone who has no idea what army instructors are saying.

Considering I have to join the Taiwanese military somewhere this year and quite possibly this month, fitness is my main concern as well as learning Chinese. [Although learning Chinese is much more of a concern for me for obvious reasons; considering I live in a country where that is the main language] However, I just hope there are lots of people in the military who know how to speak good English. In fact, I was thinking of doing language exchange with a couple people in the military. Firstly, to help improve my Chinese and secondly to possibly make some really good friends.

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