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Have I become a workaholic

At least I can admit it.

Nevertheless, it won’t change a thing. I actually feel kind of arrogant saying that about myself, but it’s true. Ever since I landed this job my one focus has been to constantly do work – even at home. I haven’t even done the technical side of the job in full-force and I’ve mostly been doing content marketing for the team I’m on, as it’s what the team has needed me to do. The reason I’m even bringing this up is because I was actually going to work overtime today (I have worked overtime for most of the week) until the rest of the team told me to leave with them. I was kind of refusing until they all really pushed for me to leave. (They’ve been doing more overtime than me)

I guess it’s nice having colleagues that care for you. In addition to this, I have also realised that I am usually the first person in at work and yet I’m only in a junior position; I usually arrive to work an hour early. However, I did have a lovely chat with a manager there who was working overtime and that told me that I shouldn’t be doing this as I’ll burn myself out – especially as I’m only really starting out – where will it end if I continue like this? Even though I’ve been perfectly happy to continue in this way and haven’t really thought about this until I had this chat with my team and to this particular manager. I mean I’ve even kept on working even when I was ill – though I truly did hide the fact I was ill. (Note to self: Don’t drink semi-skimmed milk and you probably won’t shit a lot)

I think I’m doing this for the following reasons:

  • I’m enjoying the work I’m doing and in contrast to my last job this is actually quite easy and is something that I’m more than capable of doing.
  • I don’t want to make it seem like I’m slacking or not doing enough for the team. I’ve just been employed and when I was an intern I did an amazing job (if I may say so myself) and I genuinely worked very hard. I’m kind of competing with myself and I’ll probably go nuts if I don’t improve every month.
  • I want to contribute enough for the team so that I’m at least I’m visible on the radar screen and I of course want to feel as if I’m worth something to the team. This is probably where I’m over analysing my role and I should be taking a step back.

The funny thing is, I’ll likely be going into work tomorrow (Saturday) just to finish off a massive list of title tags that need finishing, which I promised that I’d finish by this week and haven’t because of other tasks that I was directed to prioritise for.

On a totally unrelated note: I’m probably going to buy a Nexus 4 next month. 🙂 That will make me quite happy as I’ve been stuck with a Samsung Galaxy S for quite sometime now.

Post Update: 9/8/2013

I actually went in on a Sunday and got ‘some’ work done. It was pretty cool for the most part as no-one was there, although there were the cleaners who were a bit loud. Aside from that, the work I did should hopefully help the team out a little more and will likely make things easier for me as I won’t have to totally struggle, as I managed to get some unrelated work done for a different client. I’m looking to go in early tomorrow morning to really get some work done and to hopefully help the team out a little more. That’s team playing, baby!

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