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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Muscle building

I'm now working at on muscles. I do at least 80 lifts (dead-lifts) and a few other free weights just to build up on my arms and abdomen. 


I can definitely see my arms getting bigger and I got a comment not so long ago with people saying my arms are looking much bigger. I guess physically I am not doing too bad. In a weird way I really enjoy exercising, it releases stress and it is just another goal in life that you need to commit to in order to succeed and to see improvements. (Kind of the same with Chinese although that does indeed require more mental thought)



I've been chugging a long with my friends saying that I'd be taking up swimming soon enough, however I haven't found time yet. :/ My body is ready for swimming, but is my mind? 😛 I guess it is as I hear swimming is very relaxing, plus I really need to tan the rest of my body so it is in proportion with my face and arms. XD


Although I have slowed down by not going to the gym anymore and I am only using my cousins home gym equipment (Which is enough), I am not running so much. However next year starting January, I'll start running everyday to prepare for my military service in Taiwan. For now I am just going to focus on weight building as in the past I have focused too much on running and general cardiovascular fitness. In the end I think that ate away at a little of my muscles. 


Although I stll have quite a lot of muscle in my opinion, I could still do a lot better. So from now on my focus in fitness is just purely building up muscle, while still retaining the staminar to run. (Retaining that through playing sports such as football every Wednesday!)