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My stamina seems to fluctuate

I’ve just taken a shower, after having exercised in the park for around 40 minutes, and I feel as though my stamina fluctuates. Some days I can run for longer periods and some days I’m absolutely flustered.

In all of my runs I try to push myself and I can usually keep going for a longer period of time, so perhaps I’m pushing myself too hard when exercising?

Whatever the case, I’m on track to losing weight and hopefully by the end of next month there will be a significant difference. However, unfortunately I’m just doing cardiovascular exercises, so I’m unsure as to whether or not I’ll look like a rake after a couple months. I’m more than willing to start putting on muscle mass after I get rid of this fat that I’ve been dragging around with me all these years.

Also as a note, I need to watch how much I’m eating.

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