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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Nearly reached my weight loss goal

In accordance to my BMI, I originally calculated I needed to lose around 11kg, which is 24.4 pounds and around 1.72 stones for my fellow British readers. I have already lost 7 kg which means to reach my target I need to lose another 4 kg. I am quite proud I have lost that amount of weight in such a short time. I have been doing daily exercise, eating more healthy and going out with friends a lot more and really burning those calories.


At one point I thought I was stuck at 90 kg's. (I am 6"2, so 85 kg is around the right weight for me, which means large size t-shirts will be able to fit me soon enough) However since I have been going to the gym nearly on a daily routine, lifting weights on my legs, arms, back, abs and as well as doing extreme running work outs. I am losing the fat that I want to trim fast. I hope to achieve my ultimate weight loss goal at the end of this month. I lost 7 kg in 1 month and 10 days, so another 4 kg's should be no problem. Once I lose this weight, I will start to do more weight training and less cardio workouts. Doing more weights on the legs to build of some muscle and doing more weight lifting on my arms and abs to achieve a toned look and hopefully a nice shiny six pack body. I think this would increase my confidence around others as I wouldn't mind if my stomach was showing. (Seeing as I worked hard to achieve a body like that; hopefully)


Whatever the case, I am so happy. 1 month and 10 days ago, I could not run around my park for 2 minutes, yet I can run around my large park without stopping 5 – 7 times depending on how I feel. Tonight I only did 5 runs around the park -, which felt great, but considering the fact I was extremely unfit 1 month and 10 days ago, I have come a long way, in a very quick time.


My fitness training and my consistent effort to improve my fitness will help me when I have to do a compulsory 12 month military conscription for the Taiwanese army when I become a citizen. This will hopefully further my fitness efforts. But I really ask myself, is it worth it, for my health it is worth it, but will it get me anywhere further for my future? Who knows. But for whatever reason I enjoy my life as this small goal keeps me thinking that I have something in my life that I have to do. – As opposed to not doing anything or not having any goal or ambition.


Once I reach this goal, I guess I will have to find something else to-do or hopefully by then I would have found something. Maybe I will find someone I will love and appreciate who will make my goal to always make her happy and to love no matter what. That is the ultimate goal for me I guess. Finding someone who I am willing to appreciate and for her also to appreciate me in the same way. That would be kind of cool. If she could also make me laugh in the same way that I would make her laugh or in a different and unique way, I would appreciate that.


Talking about love and relationships, my South Korean friend is hilarious or I just love him since he is honest and a real cool guy. Yet he is with a really odd Taiwanese women who looks pretty from the pictures he has shown me, but the way he talks about her, she sounds insane. 😀 She is highly protective of my friend and if he wants to go out with friends, it seems he has to seek permission to do so.  Or he has to be back home by 5 pm otherwise the girlfriend will 'assume' things. It is kind of sweet in a way that she is that protective, but I think sometimes you can be a little too over-protective by doing that. I would not mind a girl like that, I would be at her side all the time, but my friend was telling me that they argue all the time. Or when he buys a present for her, it is always no good or if it is too expensive she will say so, or if too cheap she we will say so. (So he can't win) But their relationship is pretty cute. But I don't see it lasting, but maybe, just maybe there is true love in there somewhere. 😀

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