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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

On target

I am on target with my weight. I currently weigh 93kg. 2 weeks ago I weighed 96 kg, so I have I lost 3kg which equates to around 6.6 lbs. My target mark is to weigh in at 85kg and according to my BMI I would be well within my weight bracket and I would be considered "normal weight" which means not underweight nor overweight.


I have been getting much fitter over the 2 weeks I have been exercising and eating more healthily. For starters I eat pancakes every few days in the morning and an apple. I then just drink a lot of water. Then for lunch I have a salad bowl with spaghetti sprinkled with light amounts of cheese and other stuff. The tartar sauce (Or whatever sauce it is) makes the salad for me eatable, and makes it especially more delicious mixed in with the spaghetti.


Prior to eating lunch, I go out and do some runs around the track. I don't like to pace myself at my current level of fitness as I know I can do better. So I usually push myself to jog/run a little faster to get my heart pumping. But if I want to pace myself, I can go on for quite a long time without stopping. Whereas when I started 2 weeks ago, I couldn't even run around the running track once without being extremely tired. Today I paced myself and ran around the track over 15 times non-stop. I didn't run or job extremely fast like I used to, but like I said I just paced myself and I just kept going. I guess what motivated me was the fact that there were these two older people running around who looked around their 40's or late 40's. They were also doing well, considering the 30 degree heat, so I didn't want to stop until they did. In the end we actually all stopped at the same time. But I probably could have done more if they had kept going. 😀 I guess they were my motivation to keep going.


I'm just glad that I've lost 6.6 lbs which is nearly half a stone. So I'm quite proud of that. Though it seems like this is taking a long time, I'm eating all the healthy foods and making sure I get the right stuff to keep me going.


Considering that I am signing up to my universities gym, I hope to do some arm muscle exercises when I get there to increase the size of my arms. Then when I look nice enough I might take up swimming. Onwards we go! 🙂

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