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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Pumped about my exercising

I have been very committed to my exercising and not only am I purely just running around tracks and parks, I am also going to the gym lifting 80 lb weights on my legs and for my arms too. Granted I didn't do much weight lifting today, mostly I did a lot of running and cardio exercise. Some on the running machine and a lot of exercise on the bicycle machine. (I around 13 miles on the bicycle machine)


Then I proceeded to do some exercise with the weight lifting contraption. 80 lb was kind of heavy, but I need to train more at that type of weight to hopefully be able to lift that easy soon enough.


I will be focusing tomorrow mostly on my arms and I might do some proper weight lifting with dung-bells and bar-bells for about as long as I can stand it. But hopefully I will be able to build up some muscle as well as lose weight. I am also thinking of taking up swimming, but I need to bring my body up to standard, plus my body is not tanned while my arms and face are well-tanned lol, so it looks a bit funny when I take my shirt off. I guess I need to run with my shirt off or something. 😛

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