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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Swimming in Taiwan!

I recently came across this beautiful swimming centre, and I’ve now dedicated myself to go this place for at least a day per week!

It is in Taichung and I haven’t actually seen it advertised on the internet yet. However, as the forgetful person I am — I’ve actually forgotten the name of this swimming centre.

It features jacuzzi’s, hot tubs, swimming pools, sauna’s and basically the whole lot. It includes facilities for children, older people and generally works for everyone. They even have a tub which is full of ice water which, perhaps, could be perceived as relaxing — although I’d rather not catch a cold, so I prefer to use the hot tubs.

I’m going again tomorrow, so I’ll take some pictures and take note of the actual name of the facility itself — along with the address. It takes around 20 minutes on foot, from Taichung station and around 10 minutes by bus to get to this place. I would say it is above average in terms of the swimming facilities you can find in Taichung.


It costs around $200NT per person for one visit. However, I paid $500NT for 5 visits using my student ID card, so ensure you bring that along with you; if you have that. If not, it will cost $200NT –, however there are other pricing options which I’ll  ensure to get down when I travel there tomorrow! 🙂

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