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The best swimming centre in Taichung!

Dong Feng Swimming Pool

Finding a swimming pool, or at least a decent swimming pool, in Taichung is quite a feat if you don’t know where to look. I found this great place where it’s pretty decent and cheap. A good combination if you don’t have all the money in the world and you perhaps want to swim or relax on a frequent basis. Swimming is the epitome to travelling and you need to at least have an experience of some sort swimming wherever you are in the world.

This swimming centre includes a pretty decent spa along with other swimming options. Although, when I went to Dong Feng Swimming pool, it seemed as if it focused mainly on the relaxing side of things. So perhaps after work or on the weekends you can go to this place for the sole purpose of relaxing. Or if you need to exercise then swimming is the perfect exercise as it practically exercises all of the muscles in your body.

I recommend this place 100%! If you have kids then this place is perfectly adequate to accommodate them. In fact, they have safety gear for kids who want to swim and they have shallow pools where they can swim safely without the worst occurring.

However, the kids can be sometimes quite annoying when they splash water on your face without the consideration of others who are trying to actually relax after a hard day at work or something. I’ve had this on a few occasions where kids were trying to swim in the spa section; the two don’t fit together.

If they want to swim, splash around and whatnot, well then, they have a huge swimming area specifically for them to do that. Who could blame them though, as they designed the swimming areas poorly in that respect, as they built a small playground area for kids too nearby to the resting and relaxation area. – However, the two are connected, making it hard for kids not to disturb and generally be kids. That’s a huge flaw.

I digress that it isn’t much of an issue. On the odd day, you do get a large amount of kids in the swimming centre, although I believe that most days the swimming centre generally doesn’t have that many kids and most are people of the older generation.

The price

The price is probably the biggest factor when it comes to deciding whether or not this type of relaxation/exercise is too expensive or not.

For me, one ticket to gain entry into this place only cost me $100NT. (Although, for this deal you have to pay $500 and also have a student ID upfront and you get 5 tickets) There are other membership options, which I’ll find out about. However, for this specific deal, I used my student ID when I was studying some Mandarin at Feng Chia University.  If you have a friend who’s studying at a university or who is a student and can prove it, then bring him along and you’ll also pay the same price as me. Otherwise, I believe the cost for a single ticket for those who are not students is around $200NT. – While not being much different in price, it can soon add up, so I would try to find a student to come with you and you can purchase as many tickets as you want, or even a one month membership deal based upon the same pricing a student would pay if you brought along someone who is a student.

You check on this swimming centre’s website for more information:

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