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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

I’m healthy, woo hoo!


Today, I went in for a blood test and examination (With the doc asking me questions etc) and he checked my blood cells (white / red) and he told me that my immune system looked pretty strong, saying that I had plenty of white blood cells and that I shouldn’t worried.

So why did I have this random health check.

A couple of months ago I became extremely aware of the amount of welts, rashes, and bumps that appeared on the entirety of my body; this would happen after I had exercised for a substantial amount of time or essentially when my body temperature heated up. I went to Taichung hospital, which is a local hospital to where I live and they gave me an injection and to my surprise the doctor said I had hepatitis. I was shocked and disturbed at this thought because I had no idea where it had come from.

So, the hospital took a blood sample and to my relief I did not have hepatitis, but some other disease called the EB virus or more colloquially known as the “kissing virus”. I’ll admit the previous months I had been with my girlfriend in South Korea and we kissed a lot. But, she reassured me that she did not have this virus. So, I was clueless. Anyways, the hospital gave me medicine to treat the symptoms and sent me on my way.

Today, I went to another hospital because I did not trust the original hospital I went to, and to be honest it looked run down and old. Plus, the fact they said that my mother had cancer kind of steered me away from them, when they later retracted that. As I said before, the doctor whose English was quite impressive told me that I was healthy. I was happy and he explained the blood results to me saying that if I had contracted a virus then my white blood cell counts would be low; however, this was obviously not the case and I am perfectly healthy, aside from a few dental issues that I’m having.

As for my dental issues, well, I have periodontal disease which is causing my gum to recede, or specifically around the area on one of my teeth where the gum has receded substantially. I will be having an operation to repair that and hopefully they’ll be able to give me a nice looking smile. At $10,000NT it’s a little costly, but totally worth it, as I don’t think I would be comfortable talking to others or laughing at others’ jokes with a massive looking tooth staring people down as I open my mouth. There is also a substantial gap as well, where the gum has receded. It looks horrible and I feel horrible with that, so for me, the $10,000NT is totally worth it. I just hope that the operation meets my expectations.

So, now that I’m totally disease free, aside from the periodontal problem, I feel a little happier than I did before.


Something I quickly put together in photoshop!

I just want to re-iterate that the above image is real (Well, the before image) and that is really how badly damaged my gum is. Then the after photo I simply clone stamped new gum tissue around and in between both teeth there, where the problem lies. Now, if the dentists here in Taiwan can fix it to the standard above, I’d be pretty damn happy with a result like the above. I just hope it’s possible as I’m losing any self-confidence I have with this gaping hole.

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