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Reddit’s fascination & hatred for Justin Bieber

This is a response to a recent thread in the default subreddit called  r/Music. It seems that there is a large group of Redditors who hate Justin Bieber and would love to see this kid arrested for whatever purpose that is readily available. They would like his career to sink to levels never seen before. While I don’t think he is the best of role models, I really would not wish any harm on him and would hope that others would have the same opinion. However, I feel from Reddit they wouldn’t mind if he were murdered or beaten up. It would be considered some sort of victory.

In a recent thread on Reddit, a guy claiming to work in the operations room, in a stadium in Dubai, for a Justin Bieber concert claimed that Justin Bieber was to be arrested and for his passport to be taken away for some misdeeds he apparently did in Dubai. Speeding was among one of the charges and according to this anonymous guy, he was speeding in a loaned Lamborghini from some Sheik in Dubai.  Additionally, it was quite convenient that the information he was getting was from rumours spread by other staff. The information given at best is ‘bullshit’, yet most of Reddit was soaking that information as if it were fact.

Of course, a lot of Reddit fell into the circle-jerk crap, with many not talking about the accuracy or about verifying the data. Instead, we got a guy posting pictures of a ticket for the concert as evidence that Justin Bieber was being arrested.

Either way, I don’t think it’s right to come out with rumours like this on a public forum. Although he is a big star, he is also human, but most of Reddit treat him like rubbish and they will admit to that. I did not partake in this and Reddit should be ashamed of this. It’s disgusting.

Here’s the thread for those who are interested:

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