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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Cheap flight from Taipei to London

Recently, I’ve been looking for cheap flights to London from Taipei and the cheapest airline that I’ve found is China Eastern Airlines.

Of course, there does come a price when choosing a cheap airline and this particular flight’s price is that it will take 32 hours to get to London. It stops over at Shanghai and from Shanghai it’ll take me back to London. The total cost of the flight including taxes comes to NT$12,848, which is pretty cheap considering my sister paid almost NT$25,000 when comparing my flight with hers.

Although, altogether she paid NT$47,000 and that included return and she also flew with Cathay Pacific, who are arguably Taiwan’s premium airline, along side Eva Air.

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines (Click to make bigger)

I was actually a little ignorant about flight costs before looking this up, and I used the China Eastern Airlines website to find this ticket, but when looking up the prices, it didn’t include the tax costs.

So, I was thinking my flight would only cost NT$9,000, but when I started filling my information in and when I clicked onto the next page, it showed me the extra tax costs which amount to NT$3,848. In total, as you can see from the above picture, my flight will cost NT$12,848. – That still isn’t a bad price, at-all. I looked up Malaysia Airlines and their cheapest cost is NT$19,000 (inc. taxes), which is even more pricier than China Eastern Airlines by quite a bit. I just hope there are no hidden surprises with China Eastern Airlines.

I’m currently liv­ing in Tai­wan and working as just an assistant engineer. I’m look­ing to get out of this job for a num­ber of rea­sons and may return to the UK. Who knows?

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