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Dating with Tinder in London

It’s one of those dating apps similar to ‘Hot or Not’ that allows you to flick through thousands of people’s photos where you essentially ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ people based on the way they look (although there is a short bit of text you can add underneath your photo). The app is actually quite controversial, but I don’t really see it any different to finding people in real life. Sure, you could reject someone based on their looks on Tinder, but you’d more than likely do the same in real life. Essentially, Tinder doesn’t change the way you’re in real life. In any case, I think a large majority of people who use Tinder use it for self-gratification, but it does have features that make it possible for it to be much more than that.

So, I started using this app quite a lot this month and managed to get to know a few people and asked for their numbers. A basic overview of how Tinder works is: If I swipe right for a girl that I find attractive and if she does the same to me (or vice versa), then this unlocks the functionality for us to communicate to each other. And so today I actually I went on a date with one girl who seemed quite normal for a person on Tinder. I’ve found that Tinder is full of people looking for entertainment and the messaging system must be rampant with weird puns or people messaging you with emoticons asking if you like eggplants or ice cream (yes, this is a thing).

How did the date go?

It could have gone a lot better I think. I told her that I wasn’t a good drinker, as she suggested that we go to a pub nearby to where I work. I said that we should give it a day before we decide on anything, but on the day (today) we decided to go a pub that was local to where I work. I offered her a drink and asked her what she liked, and she ordered a wine and I ordered a bottle of beer. We then sat down and talked to each other for a good 40 minutes. Talked about our past (my travels around South East Asia and her time in university), what we liked, and our current lives. That was pretty cool.

I then, stupidly, suggested that we walk to Leicester Square, which is where everything just fell apart. The conversation sort of went from sweet to sour when I asked her if liked Chinese food. She said no. And as a person who is half Taiwanese and half British my interest in her dropped. My Taiwanese side could not accept that she could dislike Chinese food! I didn’t think I cared that much about someone not liking food that I love. I’m not sure if there are many girls out there that don’t like Chinese food, or maybe there are, but I was saddened at the announcement of this news. We arrived at China Town (a perfect place to be after that conversation), where I knew I had seen a bubble tea shop (bubble tea is an extremely popular drink in Taiwan) from quite some time ago when I had last visited China Town. I offered her a bubble tea drink, with the assurance that I would finish the drink if she didn’t like it. She didn’t like it. Awkward.

I suggested that we walk to Leicester Square just to have a look around. We walked and talked and entered M&M’s World. We had a look around and came across this machine that squashes 1p coins. I bought her one of those (they cost a £1), so at least she’ll have something to take away from this date! We then left and this is where our conversation became really awkward. I asked her if she was interested in any films or interested in the new Spider-Man 2 film. Nope. She responded by saying that she was interested in stand-up comedy. I named a few like Russell Howard, Michael Mcintyre, Milton Jones, Frankie Boyle and a few others who I can’t remember of the top of my head. She didn’t know any of them. Awkward.

It’s now 8pm and I say to her that we better head off, as she has an essay to finish and it’s getting a bit late. So we both entered Leicester Square station to get on the Northern Line. We parted as she had to go south and I was going north toward Tottenham Court Road to transfer to the Central Line. As we parted, I initiated a hug, but she kind of stood their dazed and I think she was expecting a kiss or something. We both awkwardly turned around and looked at each other, as we walked away toward our platforms.

All in all, it was a good learning experience! The fact you can find people this easily via Tinder is what makes me think that Tinder is great. I didn’t have to spend too much of my time to find someone to have a drink with and if it worked… it worked and if not then I wouldn’t be livid over the fact that I had to spend hours finding someone to take on a date.

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