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First job interview since I arrived in London

07/04/2013: Please read the update(s) I posted below. tldr: – Angel Links is a door to door marketing firm. 

Today, I went to a job interview for a “Sales” position for a company named as “Angel Links”, although I’d probably refer to the position as more of a “Sales consultant” position. I’ll admit that it’s the first time I’ve heard of this company; however, I will say that it sounds like a decent place to work & the people seem very nice and friendly. The company appears to be a PR & marketing firm and from what I gathered they only deal with global businesses. Of course, I don’t know which companies they market and do PR for; however, if they do only deal with global companies then Angel Links might be dealing with rather large companies.

The interview went well, but I tried to approach this interview as a learning curve; and that it was. I feel I displayed confidence and humility. Those would likely be the two adjectives I would use for this job interview. I feel if I had a second chance, I could possibly do better in responding to all of the questions that I were asked. I’m hopeful, but then again, there were over 50 people that applied. That’s a ratio of 50:5, as there are only 5 positions available for this job. I was, however, a little disturbed as the interviewer never really answered my question about the pay. It was as if he was trying to dodge my question by giving me the crappiest answer. I had red flag signals all over the place, once that occurrence happened. We’ll see how it goes.

During the interview, I, for the most part used my experience working in a full-time job (In Taiwan, as an ‘assistant engineer’) as a method of speaking up for myself. Whether that was enough, I don’t know. I won’t be too mean to myself, as I thought I did enough. But sometimes enough is never good enough, and I wish I had said more and I wish whoever the 5 candidates are that get picked do well and they become employed. It really does suck being unemployed. It was a good day out and about, nevertheless.

Here are some photos (Eye candy) that I took of Canary Wharf/Canada Place:


I received an email from them saying that I have been accepted for a second interview.

I’m, however, little more dubious about this company than I was before, as I’ve now come across information about this company being a pyramid scam of sorts. Where they employ as many people as possible to spread whatever product they want to advertise and they somehow reap the benefits out of that. It also seems that there is no basic rate of pay, which confirmed my suspicions before and it seems that this is a “door-to-sales” position and is ENTIRELY commission based. I’m still going to go to see what it’s like and I’ll be asking the employees there (If I think I can) about the pay and the company itself.

I feel a little gutted, but then again, I could be wrong and there is only one way to find out.

Another Update:

Is Angel Links a scam?

Who knows whether they are a scam or not, but they certainly have tricked quite a few people, including me, into believing they were a reputable company offering the chance for the unemployed for a decent living. It turns out they are just a door-to-door sales business and this type of business has been replicated all around the world, including the United States. I feel that this needs more exposure, so I’m going to link to posts on Reddit which give detailed explanations behind what these companies actually do.

UK Jobs: “Yet another scam

For the US “Life tips”: “It’s a scam

While I didn’t attend the second interview, which I was invited to, I feel a little silly as I bought a new pair of shoes and a nice trousers for the first interview. However, I can of course use those as future investments for job interviews I attend in the future, of course. I’m a little upset, which is why I’d like to expose what they really are, as they don’t have any back-bone at-all. They simply want you to advertise their goods without paying you a dime, and who knows if they’ll pay you the amount that they promised as advertised on their listings. Either way, steer well clear of this group.


  1. I worked here for two months on comission they didn’t pay me a single penny!!!! Total scam waste of my own time and money I.e. expenses

    • From the start it seemed shady to me. When you see red lights, you should stay away. I know people right now are quite desperate and I totally understand why you did it. It’s quite sad that they didn’t even pay you commission or anything. Better luck in the future, bud!

  2. There are a lot of these companies operating in the Canary Wharf/Marsh Wall area.

    Their website are basic but look professional and modern without expressing in detail what they do and always are based on employment. I work in an office near these charlatans, where they have weird pop-music, positive clapping sessions to boost the confidence of the poor lad or girl who has been duped into these things.

    As a rule, if you’re unskilled and a potential employer is talking about ‘how great your CV is; and pouring lots of other honey in your ear be cautious and do background checks, forums are quick on these scams, so you can find out before wasting your time.

    They use Reed’s website which is pretty bad considering Reed are a high standard agency.

    There is one in the Skylines Village near South Quay, not sure on the name though.

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