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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Is gambling a good idea?

I know very few people who’ve made it out of gambling. Around 3 years ago I lost around £1,000 on a gambling website, after being up £300.

I panicked as I was losing my money playing poker, thinking I could regain it all in the same way I had been able to gain (Win) £300 originally. So I continued until my metered amount went to £0.00. It was devastating and I nearly thought of committing suicide. But that obviously wasn’t worth the cost, I’d have to lose everything I owned before I could do anything as serious as that.

Determined to make my money back, I started gambling again and I made my £1000 back and called it quits. I made my money back playing poker and just decided I’d stop there. It wasn’t worth the risk of going through all that again. But if you really know how to play poker then you should try the game online and if it works for you then you must set a limit.

Before gambling always plan before hand:

  • Work out how much you can afford to lose. (SET A LIMIT) Don’t make bets any larger than the money you can actually spend. Please, do not use a credit card as you’ll end up losing another person’s money or some bank’s money at interest.
  • Behave sensibly when gambling, although taking big risks might be all about what gambling is, can you afford it?
  • Maintain control and think before you do.
  • Set a certain amount of time you want to gamble.
  • Know how to play the game, otherwise the game will play you.
  • Do not try and recover any losses immediately. Trust me, you’ll make bad decisions that way.

Just be aware that the game is meant for the dealers to make the money, otherwise these big casino websites wouldn’t be raking in as much money as they’d like and it simply wouldn’t be profitable for them.

So is gambling a good idea?

From my perspective it isn’t. However, if you know how to play the game and you just want to have some fun and you can control your spending, then I see no problem with it at-all. Just don’t become addicted to throwing your money away.