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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Enjoying my own company

Who would have thought how exhilarating it feels to drink coffee by yourself while utilizing the Wi-Fi access free of charge you get with your overpriced cup of coffee. 😛


Just testing out the camera on my laptop. It appears that it is OK at taking pictures which look like they have been taken from a toaster. 😛


Feel like a pig today

So what did I eat today:

  • Burger King’s Chicken Sandwich
  • A box of fries
  • A large cup of Sprite
  • Carrot sticks

Now eating just that makes you a pig or makes you somewhat an unhealthy eater, if you eat that on a periodic basis. Which I have been doing recently. However the thing that really made me a pig was that immediately after I went to McDonald’s and ordered:

  • A box of 6 chicken McNuggets
  • A large box of fries

Then I went to a cafe and ordered an expensive cup of coffee. I felt the need to comfort myself with food today. Even though I have lost over 16kg and that weight loss is clearly visible more than ever if I compare my before and after pictures… I feel I may put on more weight quite easily. Although I am playing football every weekend and when I can, I do go for runs quite frequently.


So from this day on I pledge not to eat Burger King or McDonald’s. I have been treating these places as places of comfort. However in the end it will bite me in the butt when I step on a weighing machine and weigh myself to find out I’ve put on 10kg in 2 weeks. XD That would kind of suck.

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