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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

First Week at New Job – So far so good

I started on Monday and finished all the way to Friday – yay. That’s not to say that I would not have turned up on certain days if things got a bit hairy. Generally things have gone well. I of course don’t have the same friends that I left behind at Zenith, so it has been a bit lonely as I was speaking to quite a lot of people at Zenith. Now I’ve only got a small handful of people to talk to. I suppose I built the friendships up for the year a half I worked at Zenith, so it will probably take some time to adjust and do a similar thing elsewhere.

Actually, one of my worries was not being able to do the job and being generally shit at my job. But just in this first week I can see that I’m probably going to do pretty well. The one thing about this job is that I do have less freedom, but again, I suppose it takes time to build trust at new companies. I was practically one of the few authorities on technical SEO in the office, with the people in PPC or in other teams asking for SEO advice on the whim every so often. I took lead on client calls, meetings and discussions often. I don’t think it’ll work the same at my new job, but I’m hoping there will be potential to show my skill set as I have developed it far more than just sitting at my desk. I’m told that the company campaigns will start really kicking off in 2015, so I imagine there will need to be an all hands on deck approach. And I’m more than happy to do the jobs that people don’t like doing, so we’ll see how it all goes. Hell, the only the reason I’ve got so far is because I have dominated in the jobs that people don’t like doing.

We’ve actually got a Christmas party (like most companies), but this is one in Wales where the company’s head office is located. You’re supposed to dress smart, so I actually bought a new tailor fitted suit in Camden Town. It cost me around £170 and is a nice blue suit that is going to be cut to size for me tomorrow. I’ll pick it up on Tuesday and hopefully it will look great! Others will however be wearing tuxedos, so I won’t exactly be stealing the show. But as long as I look nice and because I look nice I may act more confident and might be able to do a bit of networking.

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