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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Going to a club in Taiwan…

It seemed like a fairly normal club. It was kind of weird since most of the people in the club were men with just a few women dotted around here and there. Also, a lot of the women were just standing at the side-lines not wanting to dance. So I have to assume perhaps some of them were just paid to stand there. It was fun. I managed to get kind of drunk, so I really didn’t care how I looked when I danced, but I think I dance pretty good. – Especially in comparison to the friends I went with lol!!!!

But yeah it was interesting and I kind of enjoyed it. But I don’t think it is something I will do on a regular basis unless of course the club we go to is more close-by. Plus it is quite costly to get in, it cost like $600NT, you got 2 free drinks; however if you want any extra drinks they cost like $400NT each which is expensive! I only bought one more and my Korean friend gave me one of his free drink tickets.

As you can see the club was quite crowded with people. The guy with the hand up is my class mate! He is from Tokyo. He is a pretty cool guy to talk to and down to earth I feel, even though I don’t know him that well to make any judgments about him.


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  1. And the drink tastes like water!!! But many of club have been closed for good… No many options :-/

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