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Had an operation on my leg last week!

As you can see from the x-ray image below, I had a small operation on my leg, and the operation occurred on the 23rd of May, on my right ankle.

The operation took place at Changhua Christian Hospital, the surgery was good and it wasn’t too expensive. However, it was just minor surgery; essentially they pulled out the titanium screw in my leg that I had in there for around 4 years after braking my ankle playing football.

They said that it might lessen the pain when I walk, but I got the idea they were just going on a hunch, or it was actually as if they were following procedure as the screw had to come out anyway. So, I’m not sure if I’m fully cured of anymore pain, but what I do know is that when I walk now I do get pains in my ankle, unsurprisingly it is due to the recent surgery which took place.  — I just hope there won’t be any more pain after my surgery wounds heal.

I hope I can run, swim, walk, and fly without any issues.

after operation x-ray

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