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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

I will be in the military in 2012

I don't know how my mother has done it, but she wrote letters to the president and the mayor of Taichung. Ordinarily I would have joined the military as soon as I became Taiwanese or as soon as the Taichung city council sent the letter out for my draft.


However according to my mother and 2 police officers/council workers, they stated that I wouldn't have to join by October next year. – They have allowed me to continue my studies and by next year October I would have hoped my Chinese would have at least improved substantially enough for me to even not worry too much about communication in the Taiwanese military.


This is great news considering I was worrying very much about joining and not being able to communicate effectively enough to be considered part of an infantry group. I really want the experience of being in the Taiwanese military, so I look forward to 2012 where I will gain that experience with enough Chinese capabilities to get some understanding on the way the Taiwanese military works. I will also post on my other website my experiences:


(My military genre website)


It is funny considering the 2 officers who came to see my mother today, they mentioned loopholes or ways to get me out from even serving. – Which I find incredibly weird. They stated because of my ADD I could use it as an excuse to not join. But I want to. However we'll see if I want to by next year! 😛

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