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It’s infuriating when you can’t save

I’ve been trying to save money for some time now and I actually came to a point where I had saved a decent sum of money.

However, that decent sum of money has been demolished by my sister who had rented a room from a shady landlord who will not give the full deposit amount back. Instead he chooses to give only one third back of the amount, which is £150 from an original deposit amount of £450 of which I lent to my sister. I forgave her of that debt because I had managed to get a better job that paid significantly more money. Later in the year she asked for £400 to move into another place as she was disappointed with the people she was living with (her landlords), as they were arguing about money all the time. She got to the point where was fed up and just wanted to leave. And so she did, with the help of £400 that I had lent her to pay for the next deposit at her new place. I lent her this money in good faith that she’d pay me back with the deposit she had paid her last landlord. But that’s not happening as the previous landlord has fabricated damage that she had not done to the room she was in. Unfortunately, she had not taken pictures and there is no signed inventory list. So as stated in the second sentence, she is only getting back £150 of the deposit amount.

I also regularly give my mum and dad money (around £150 per month) and it is absolutely painstaking that I’ve lost this amount of money, as that amount could have gone to them. I mean, my mum and dad aren’t rich and just about survive. I’m thinking they are relying on me to do well with my job in order to survive. I don’t mind and I love supporting them. But it becomes all too much when I also have to support my sister who doesn’t seem to care. I love my family and they mean the world to me, but here I am seemingly unable to save money – even though I’m earning more. I hate to make this my last post on this blog for 2014, but I guess this is just me venting my frustration at the situation at large.

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