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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Last Day at ZenithOptimedia

Yesterday, was my last day working at ZenithOptimedia, UK. It was not as emotional as I thought it would have been (for myself), but my good friend, Christina Hirst, was shedding the tears on behalf of everyone else (I think that’s what happened). They created an excellent presentation which consisted mostly of pictures of me in a really drunk state. Let’s just say that there was no shortage of those types of embarrassing images. It was a sweet end to my time whilst working at ZenithOptimedia. My friendship within the agency, I hope, is still as strong as ever, perhaps even stronger.

Bringing it back to my speech actually, I tried to be quite funny and mentioned the people I had worked the longest with, whilst apologising for not being able to mention everyone. Of those that I did mention, I tried to find something funny, telling and perhaps nostalgic in encounters we had had. This guy named Marcus, bought me my first pint of beer in a year and a half when I interned at ZenithOptimedia and I got really drunk just after a pint. Since then I’ve still not bettered my drinking of alcoholic beverages. For my boss, Lauren, I thanked her pushing me to do things that I had felt uncomfortable with (people giggled at this), but actually, she pushed me to do presentations and to come out of my comfort shell, so I’d like to think she got that message; rather than me taking the piss. There’s also this guy named Antonello, a funny Italian man, with an amazing accent. I always, always loved pissing him off, it sort of became a hobby for me. So I stated that I’d have to find another Italian person with a funny accent to annoy at my new job. Oh, and let’s not forget Christina, my good ole’ next door neighbor. She’s from the north, so has an amazing northern accent (from Bingley – known for Bradford & Bingley). I mentioned that she was like a little sister, and that I’d miss making her jump and generally having a laugh with her.

Now, I’ve seriously grown whilst working on the clientele that I have been working on. Whether if it’s communicating to clients about the field I work in, providing recommendations to some of the biggest brands in the UK, or overcoming my fear of presenting, I’ve certainly come a long way from a year and half ago. It’s time to move on however, and look on to a brighter future in my career. Who knew, Jonny Jones, would have come this far with just £1,000 in pocket and a dream to succeed in some sort of IT related field. I’m here now and I’m actually going to say it: I’m quite proud to have achieved what I have done so far. I’m now going to university as a result of all this and I’m going kick ass at it. It probably looks like I have a huge ego as a result of all this, but a year ago, it felt like I had nothing. Now I have something to be proud of and an actual future in a field that is continuously growing and looking for good people (yeah, I said it!).

It’s been an amazing journey at ZenithOptimedia and the opportunity that working there has presented me with is unparalleled.

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