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Lauren Simmiss – An Inspiring Digital Marketer

At first I was going to take the piss out of my manager (now a director) about a post she wrote called “Jonathan Jones — An Inspiring New SEO Candidate“. But instead I would like to help her on her quest to have a picture of myself ranking top in Google images. Here’s the image that I mentioned of the handsome man (amazing hair as well) we are trying to rank for the term “Jonathan Jones” in Google images:

Jonathan Jones

The pic below is currently what the search engine results page looks like when you type in “Jonathan Jones”, with a Guardian journalist being at the top of the results. However, would it be possible to effectively rank and replace one of those images if I start posting that image everywhere imaginable (starting with this blog)?

Google Jonathan Jones

It’s a nice tiny experiment that wouldn’t really prove too much. Unless of course you wanted to prank (it would be a weird prank) one of your friends or something by promoting a horrible picture of them. I can think of a few people that I could do this to, but the effort is what keeps me from doing something similar to this; plus it would be weird. So, let’s see if my face makes a rise in the image results.

Author bio: Jonathan Jones is an avid blogger, and a friendly guy! He also likes to type in third person because it makes it seem like there is more than one person running this site. In conclusion he would like to be a billionaire that successfully takes over the entire world with his image. Oh, and did you know he runs a pretty sweet SEO blog?

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