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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Life in Taiwan / My internet sites

Life in Taiwan

Life in this country doesn’t look too bad especially for my future. However I have to move into this other apartment where my uncle isn’t as he is the biggest idiot I’ve witnessed in my family.  The goods here aren’t as cheap as I thought, and clothing is quite expensive, if not even more expensive than back in London. Not sure if I could setup a business, however some of the electronics are cheap, so I’ll have to be very selective.

My internet sites

Namely my armoured vehicle website is doing best. I’m continuing adding articles of high quality and also blogging on the recent incident in the Korean Peninsula. That has brought in a little traffic and November saw the highest amount of traffic this year, hopefully December shows similar results. As for my webmaster website, I’ve only added small amounts of content, as of recent, however in terms of traffic, just in the month of November I have got more traffic than any previous months in that year combined. So I’ve done well in that aspect, seeing I do next to no advertising.

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