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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Life seems to have slowed down, so much.

It seems life has slowed down and I’m now experiencing life at a pace which I’m not enjoying. I guess, my life is somewhat robotic in the sense that I do the same thing everyday. At least, when I was in the ‘building websites’ business, at least, I was doing something different. Instead I’m at a job which I’m not enjoying, and I can’t make heads or tails of whether or not I’m going crazy.

The first issue that I’ve encountered is a communication problem, I can figure what I have to do, but everyone obviously speaks Mandarin and my Mandarin is not exactly that good. I can understand some of it, but when it comes to absorbing it as anything useful; that’s where I fail. Essentially, I can understand the basics and that’s about it. I can understand what they want me to do, but when it comes to the question of “How?” they can’t answer me in good enough English.

I had no problems before they moved me to another department. I went from working for my job’s General Motors department to working for the BMW department. I thought, great, it’s a change from the same stuff I’ve been doing everyday for 2 months. Instead, it is the same in someways while also being totally different in other ways. It is unnecessarily complex. Why do I say that? Well, General Motors created a machine to make the task of coding other system’s machines to work with it. With BMW you need a separate computer to connect to the hardware, however the display is all on this other computer; which makes things ten times complex, it need not be this way. Plus, on top of learning how to run a new system, my bosses want me to type in Chinese words that I can’t even read. I can read some of it, but all I have is the English translation, but that isn’t good enough seeing as Google translate is just not accurate enough when it comes to translation. (It could be perfected, but I understand why it would be hard to translate 1,000’s of Chinese characters.

Whatever the case, I’ll be really starting in the BMW department tomorrow. I hope all goes well.

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