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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Life update

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been working and literally have no energy to come up with anything to write on this blog anymore.

My daily experiences are almost robotic. I look at code all day long and have to check for errors, verify them and create new code. This week I looked at 3,000 lines of code and to be honest, I was tired all of that week. The week before, I looked at around 6,000 lines of code. I was a little more energetic then. But I have kind of slowed down a little as I’ve become a little tired.

The worst thing is making typos and purely errors without noticing it before submitting any file I’ve modified or created for review. The mistakes really get to you as they are the most obvious mistakes in the world. However, when you are constantly creating new files, it is easy to get distracted and your eyes start becoming lazy. – You will then not notice the smallest of mistakes which may or may not occur.

Coffee is a good remedy for this, and know I why everyone drinks it. To stay focused.

I’m not a very focused person as it is; having ADD definitely doesn’t help, especially when not on any medication.

I’m not a complainer, and I think things will be alright. What else is there to hope for?

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