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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Officially Taiwanese / Chiwanese

I am officially Taiwanese!

It is pretty great as I can stay in Taiwan for as long as I’d like to stay with no restrictions anymore. I can also work here without having to apply for a working visa. I’m also now able to move to a total of 28 countries (incl. European Union countries) without restriction. How cool is that?

I will likely stay in Taiwan for a long time I think. Depends on the situation, what happens, if I’m still happy here, or if I meet anyone etc. I can already foresee  many scenarios which can take place good and bad. So depends on the situation whether or not I stay in Taiwan. However I can definitely see myself here for a good few years. – Which will hopefully let my Chinese advance to higher levels as I become assimilated into the Taiwanese culture and life-style!

But yeah it is funny. The nationality is Taiwanese here from what I can understand, yet on all ‘Taiwanese passports’, it says “The Republic of China (ROC)”. Which is why I have included ‘Chiwanese’ in this title. But don’t worry, I know I’m Taiwanese. *wink*

But, there is a catch! I have to do 11 months of Taiwanese military service. *Oh, shit* Was this worth it? 😛

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