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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach

I actually haven’t talked about what I’ve been doing ever since I arrived back in the UK and there is a reason for this. The reason is because I have not had enough time to update my blog that much and I’ve generally been knackered.

For the past month up until now I’ve been doing an unpaid internship for a digital marketing agency. It’s one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK and is now part of a company which recently became the 1# advertising agency in the world. The people there couldn’t be any better and I couldn’t be happier to be involved in the accounts they are currently managing. There is also talk of this internship leading to a job, which is what I’m hoping for and counting on. However, if a job doesn’t come out of it the experience is invaluable and the contacts that I have made will be handy in the future. I’ve also had a fantastic experience there and I’ve seriously met some of the nicest people you’d ever want to work alongside. – That’s something that makes this job transcend in comparison to my previous job in Taiwan.


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So why I am I doing an internship?

It’s the best way to gain experience. Additionally, I’ve always wanted to be involved in some sort of internet related job and I think I’ve actually found something that I would like to do career-wise. Even if I don’t get a job where I’m currently working, I’ve actually had plenty of offers on my doorstep offering me positions of similar jobs in this field. It seems that the infamous “Outreach Strategist” title is an attractive choice for recruiters who have looked at my CV. Although I’m actually more interested in the technical side of things; however, I don’t mind growing into that from an outreach position. I mean, I already have quite a bit of knowledge of the technicalities of SEO and the procedures behind it, but I feel I’d do better in another position that I’m confident in (Outreach) and then I could eventually grow and become more confident in technical SEO, which is what I’d eventually like to do.

It is still early days and even though I’ve been working at this digital media agency for over a month now there is still so much more to learn. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that SEO is a never ending cycle as there is always something new coming along or when Google suddenly makes an algorithmic change – the rules also have to change to go along with that change. Right now, content marketing is the in-thing for SEOs doing external link building; however, that soon might be changing with recent algorithmic updates that Google have employed to prevent SEOs abusing the framework that Google have so carefully crafted. Anyways, hopefully I’ll be employed by this month or the next. I’m definitely a lot more hopeful than I was when I originally arrived in this country and I now see a future in this market.

Fingers crossed.

Edit: Oh, and if you’re a Content Strategist or some other form of link builder, don’t be put off by this blog post. I still may or may not accept your guest post request depending on the quality of your email to me and the proposition. The types of emails that I’ve received from many of the people that have been seeking guest posts on this blog have been absolutely irritating. I’ve even had one media agency try to play dirty with me by using a gmail email account pretending to be an individual as opposed to a group trying to obtain a guest post on my blog. – It won’t work with me and I’d rather you be honest about your intentions; rather than try to trick me. :s

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