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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Tough Mudder Review – Epicness

Tough Mudder: a 12 mile obstacle/assault course that I had just completed yesterday with a bunch of other people I went with.

It was utterly brutal with obstacle after obstacle putting your mental thought to work as to whether you can continue or not. Or in some cases the obstacles would rejuvenate and spur a lot more energy in you to carry on. For example, who would have thought that freezing cold water would have kept your mind off the fact that your body is psychically incapable of continuing? It is mind over matter that plays into a lot of it. What with steep hills, one after the other, relentlessly breaking any energy you have left, you just have to keep going no matter what.

Crap… cramp!!

Cramp is the worst. I had to stop multiple times and do stretches in order to get around the pain that I felt in my leg every time I moved it. I had never felt cramp this badly before, but I guess if you have not really exercised that much (12 miles in one setting) then cramp is going to get at you after the 9th/10th mile, which is what happened to me. As I type this actually, my legs are in absolute pain… in fact, so is the rest of my body.

Here’s a ‘lovely’ picture of the group that I went with after we had completed the 12 mile course:

Tough Mudder 2

Photo by Natasha Honeyman

Tough mudder

Photo by an angry Dutch person (thanks for taking the pic)

Not the best picture of me in the world and I seem to be the only person in the picture clinging on to that blanket for dear life (it was freezing afterwards).

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