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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

What travelling into London was like today

Star Lane DLR Station

The tube strike affected me dearly, and it will in the coming days as well. I’m actually dreading my journey back home – as I write this.

It usually takes me half an hour to get into work from Stratford to Tottenham Court Road (Oxford Street), but today it took me two hours.

I live near West Ham underground station, which was closed at 7:30 am when I arrived there. I was told that I could take the DLR to Stratford International station. I did so and had to walk a mile to Star Lane DLR station near Canning Town. When I arrived, the person on the tannoy had announced that they had reopened West Ham Underground station. Essentially I walked a mile to hear that where I had walked from had reopened. I felt like a real mug.

I arrived at Stratford to see that the Central Line had limited service up to Liverpool Street. I jumped on the Central Line and then jumped off at Liverpool Street and made my way out of the station.

I was greeted by hundreds of others standing by bus stations waiting for ‘their’ bus to arrive. I then thought it would be a better idea to walk mile down the road to catch an earlier bus. Luckily for me this worked out, as I jumped on the number 242 bus to Tottenham Court Road. What I hadn’t contemplated was the fact that the traffic was abysmal. We were going at 2 miles per hour at best. The most noticeable thing throughout that 1 hour and 30 minute journey was the fact that we went to those bus stops outside of Liverpool Street (the ones that I mentioned that had hundreds of people gathered around) and they were acting like crazed maniacs fighting for their survival to get on the bus. It was almost like a scene on 28 days later, where you had delicious humans crammed on a bus with zombies doing everything in their power to get on the bus to eat the humans on board.

Liverpool Street - Bus Journey

A few stops later, you had people getting on the bus through the back door when people were trying to get off. It was a complete nightmare. Of course, you had the bus driver at the front frantically shouting saying that the bus inspector, who never came, would appear at the next stop.

Finally, I made it. I was listening to my music, and then all of a sudden the bus came to a halt. I didn’t recognise the area I was in, as I actually had not needed to take the bus before to Tottenham Court Road and always used the London Underground.

My journey home however was little different.

I simply jumped on the Northern Line to Waterloo, then transferred over onto the Jubilee Line towards Stratford. I got off at Canning Town to do some food shopping and viola. That took me around an hour still, but was obviously much quicker than taking a bus in rush hour. I’ll be taking the same route tomorrow morning.

I came to conclusion that I take the underground for granted. It’s an exceptional service, which provides a quick commute that might be full of, what seem to be, angry people or people always in a rush, but I guess that is what makes the underground what it is.

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