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Mandarin test

Today I had a test which involved reading & speaking Mandarin-Chinese. Tomorrow I’ll have a writing test.

I pretty much found the reading & speaking test to be actually quite easy.

I had no problems in answering the questions that my teacher gave me, and reading the characters was no problem for me.

Although I faltered a little when it came to the tones, as I was a little nervous and tried to read the dialogue in front of me as fast I could. However, I have a feeling that tomorrow’s test will be significantly harder than the test I did today. Considering writing in Mandarin is much harder than speaking the damned language. (Quite harder)

In essence, I wish myself luck for tomorrow’s test, but I think it will be a breeze. I should really study now, though I have a lot of time tomorrow morning and up until the afternoon to study for this test, so I have plenty of time to study! 🙂

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