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New trainers and webcam

I haven’t really bought anything nice lately and that’s due to me, well, not having much money… actually, more than anything I don’t want to cut into my savings until I can find a job when I go back to the UK.

I bought a nice pair of shoes as my old shoes weren’t in the best condition. My old pair had really worn down. First of all there’s a hole located on the front of my left side shoe. Secondly, on both of the inner-heels of my shoes the material has worn away, which means that every time I walk, the back part of my foot keeps rubbing against the plastic-type material where padding and material should be. – It causes minor discomfort and to get around this issue I simply lodged a sock in the round-hole type shape that has formed. It gets tiresome doing that everyday, so a new pair of shoes were in order and now I’m good.

However, I have realised that I can only do that for so long, and if I’m going to buy a pair of new shoes, I might as well buy it in Taiwan considering it’s more expensive in the UK to buy nice shoes. I think if I had bought shoes like this in the UK, it would have cost £85 or more. In Taiwan the pair of shoes I bought only cost me £35, which is a massive saving.

Here are the pics:

I also bought a new Logitech camera and I used that camera to take the pictures with; aside from the webcam itself, I used my phone. It’s pretty good and I’ve tested the quality of it over the internet and its pretty damn good. It sure beats the webcam that is integrated on my laptop, which is a 1 megapixel (Not sure on the video recording resolution, and I’m too lazy to look it up) camera in comparison to my new 720p camera that can take shots at 5 megapixels! 🙂 – I, for some reason, didn’t change the settings to take 5MP pictures, so the pictures I’ve uploaded aren’t of the highest quality.

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