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Submitted my application for a student loan

That’s right! I’ve just submitted application for a student loan request to the Student Finance England website. Hopefully, it goes through and I receive it back as early as possible. Thinking about it now I probably should have applied for this a lot earlier in the year.



This is the same course that I’ve wanted to do since the beginning of this year, and I’ve really only come around to just going in head first and actually doing it. I did go to an open day that Birkbeck University setup just around the corner from where I work. And from this I talked to a professor teaching the ‘Web Technologies’ course at Birkbeck. I told him a bit about myself, where I work, what I do etc and somehow from this he said that his only concern was that this course might not be challenging enough for me. I’ve looked at the course structure and I think it would be more than challenging enough for me if I can train myself to be an expert for each of these subject matters. Although the ‘Year 1’ doesn’t look to be that challenging, I do want to join a course that will teach me from the ground up, as the fundamentals and basic elements, in my opinion, are the most important things to learn.



Now I just need to apply for the course. Of course, I do need to wait to hear back from Student Finance on whether they’ll give me the loan. If not, then I’ll have to sort that out and possibly apply for the course start in January.

I should be able to learn more on the technical elements behind HTML5 infographics like these:

So that I’ll have to confidence to make recommendations regarding mobile optimisation techniques and other technical jazz.

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