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5 reasons why I hate house sharing

Hate is indeed a strong word. However there’s a trigger that has recently forced me to write this blog post. Whether it’s anger or disappointment, I don’t know. I’ve now been living in a house share for well over 7 months now and I thought I’d list all the pain and suffering that one has to endure whilst living with other people who you don’t really know that well.

1. Number one issue for me is: The internet is slow

This issue has in fact triggered me to write this post and it’s something that pisses me off the most as I work on a search marketing team and the internet is… kind of vital to me. I can’t blame anyone specifically at this time, but these two new girls recently moved in and ever since they moved in the internet has been painfully slow. Slow enough to make me feel quite livid about my current situation. My theory is that they are downloading stuff via Torrent and its taking up all the download bandwidth, thus slowing the internet down for everyone else. I don’t know what to do, but if the situation continues like this then I’ll be turning off the modem for a couple of hours. I probably sound mental for even suggesting that idea.

 2. Cooking, cooking, cooking! One at a time!

God damnit! I hate the fact that you have to SHARE a kitchen. The fact that people don’t wait for you to finish cooking is what annoys me the most. There is clearly not enough for 2 people to be cooking at the same time, yet I’m finding that the people I live with don’t see this. It’s also quite awkward having to ask you to constantly move so I can get to the stove before my food starts burning. I mean, it doesn’t take me long to cook, so please wait until I’m finished and she is all yours.

3. Cleanliness

O-M-G. Learn to clean! I shouldn’t have to explain this one, but I will. I’ll start off with the fridge. If your food is decomposing then that means you should be throwing that food in the bin. You’ll find that your smell senses will come into play and will indicate for you the fact that your food has gone bad and your food is now making the fridge smell like a dog has just released his/her excrement after drinking a bucket full of bin juice.  Take. It. Out.

4. The only personal space is your room 

I really miss living in a family home, as the entire house is sort of a personal space. You know everyone quite well and there is nothing you’re embarrassed about. You can walk out the shower with pride and enjoy, with just your undies on and perhaps a towel if you’re still a little shy. Not in a house share, my friend. You’ll be waiting for those in the kitchen (bathroom is connected to the kitchen) to vámonos and you may have to wait a while if they’re the slow cooking type. I know I’m being selfish at this point, but it’s just so hard adapting to this type of lifestyle and living with complete strangers.

5. On the plus side: Using the washing machine

I can’t really complain about this. My house mates are pretty good when it comes to this. We basically have this railing downstairs that is next to a radiator. Basically, we’ll hang up our clothes on this railing and it will dry very quickly due to the proximity of the railing and the radiator. It’s only a small bit of railing, but it will hold a full batch of clothes that need drying after being washed. I’ll give my house mates a plus on this as they’re quick to remove their clothes after it has dried, which opens up that railing for others to dry their clothes. You guys are doing an amazing job regarding this, if you’re reading this. Keep it up.

I probably sound like I hate my house mates (I do actually hate one of them), but I don’t really; I just hate the concept of house shares. I’ve actually been looking at moving into a studio flat, and that’s the sort of place that I’d enjoy. You can invite friends over, and typically do whatever you want. We’ll see what my financial side looks like next year and I may possibly move somewhere else.

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