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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Jobs, jobs, jobs… are there any?

I’ve applied for jobs on the internet from Taiwan, as I’m looking to go back to the UK. Sites like GumTree, Reed and CV Library are essentially where I’ve submitted most of my job applications. Still, no reply yet and here is why:

Looking for a job?

Jobs on GumTree.

There are 41,000 people posting ads, who are looking for jobs.

 So, if we want to know what’s competitive in today’s industry, well, jobs essentially are what run this service based economy. 

According to the latest figures (Dec. 2012) there are 2.5 million unemployed people, which is a decrease considering the UK economy had 2.7 million unemployed at the end of 2011, the year before.

Are there enough jobs to go around?

I’ve read that there are in-fact enough jobs to go around and to totally get rid of unemployment. However, when you look into this more you’ll discover that these jobs are either specialized or they are menial jobs that won’t give a person enough income to survive; that’s why going on benefits are so advantageous and beneficial, as you can receive Housing Benefit, cheaper travel & weekly payments, all without cost; rather, a below average life-style.

I’m trying to avoid the idea of going on benefits as I’d rather work, doing cleaning jobs, or jobs which fit my field of work, which is IT.

Looking at this Guardian article, it seems there is also the problem that perhaps skilled jobs aren’t in the area that people are living in. Essentially, people literally do not have the money to move around to be able to apply for vacant jobs in other parts of the country. Plus, other parts of the country also have a deficit in jobs available. It’s like this all over the country, no-one area has  jobs freely available; otherwise, I guess, people would be moving to other parts of the country and applying for those jobs. I sure would be doing that; however, for me to commit to that idea, well, the salary or hourly rate should be high enough to make doing that beneficial. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to live and I would have to go without eating if that were to be my only option.

While we can say the prospects of the UK economy are improving, jobs on the other hand aren’t increasing and if they are, they are jobs which require certain sets of skills and experience that can only be acquired by years of education and experience. If even graduates of university are unable to find employment in their fields, considering they don’t have the relevant working experience then how can others survive in such an economy.

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