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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

A visit to London’s Olympic Park in Stratford

I recall seeing the Olympic stadium being built during early construction stages before leaving this country and I wanted to the see the games in person, but jetted off to the island of Taiwan where I then spent the next two years of my life studying and working. During this time, I missed the Olympics and didn’t really care for it too much, but it was quite a big deal in Taiwan, especially as there was that whole fiasco surrounding the sort of flags that were being displayed around London for the Taiwanese Olympic team (officially, the Chinese Taipei team). Now that I’m back in the UK, and specifically living in Stratford, I thought it would be quite the opportunity to visit the Olympic park, as it has only just been opened to the public.

Here are a few pictures that I took with my Nexus 4 smartphone (I’m looking to replace my Pana­sonic DMC-FZ28!):

Aquatics Centre, river side

Aquatics Centre, river side (London)

Aquatics Centre

Aquatics Centre, London

Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Last, but not least, the Olympic Stadium:

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium, London

I appreciate that these photos aren’t exactly the quality that you’d expect, but I did only have my Nexus 4 on hand. I am looking into buying a fairly priced D-SLR for my photo taking adventures. Suggestions would be nice. But once I do get a nicer camera, I’ll go back and will either create a new post or update this post with the new imagery. 🙂 

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