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iPhone4S, the battery life sucks.

iPhone 4S

I now have an iPhone 4S as you can see in the pictures I have taken in this post! I’m quite happy, however there is one thing which wants me to change phone and I’ve decided that I’m changing to another phone. The reason:

The battery lasts 8 hours according to Apple, however that’s only if you use it for menial tasks, such as phone calling and sending texts. Although it is indeed a phone that I’m buying, it just isn’t a phone I’m buying, I bought the phone because it’s a smart-phone.

iphone4sIt has many functions such as being able to watch YouTube videos, listening to music, playing games, browsing the internet etc. Today, I used this phone for around 4-5 hours — I wasn’t constantly playing on it and then suddenly to my amazement, perhaps after around 4 hours, the battery ran out.

My girlfriend has a “Samsung <insert model name>” and there is one thing that she can do, that my iPhone cannot. She can replace the battery. i.e. She can charge 2 or as many batteries as she wants to buy and she literally has a phone which can last for the whole week or more if she buys more batteries. You cannot change the battery in an iPhone, as the battery is integrated, which sucks because when you use this thing to watch movies, you’ll soon find out, you are out of electric juice. Where with my girlfriends phone, she can simply replace her battery with another that she charged earlier on and she has no problem whatsoever or any issues with her phone running out, if she listens to music or plays a few games while on the bus, train or anywhere.

I guess that is one design fault which Apple needs to address. They either need to lengthen the battery usage amount or make the battery replaceable.

I have other qualms, however those ‘other’ issues can be solved by jail-breaking the phone, which voids warranty, it depends which way you want to go with your iPhone 4S to make it more usable by jail-breaking it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely phone, the interface is nice & smooth and I’d really love the software in a Samsung or HTC phone, as it appears more versatile, considering you can add memory and change the battery; amongst other things.

However the one thing that, perhaps, most smart-phone makers need to address is the battery time. Although it seems it is improving, I think there is still more work to be done on improving the life of the batteries. We should really be at the age where batteries should last on general usage; 24 hours.

Oh and this is the first smart-phone I’ve owned. Apologies if there are any ignorant remarks. 

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