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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "


I’m becoming very lazy when it comes to blogging.

I have two websites which operate on the basis of blog type posts and they take a long time to make. I have to research about a subject, find reliable sources and then create an article out of them; either debating pro’s and con’s etc. Especially so for my Armoured Vehicle website.  I’ve also been really lazy with my FactsonSpace website. Although my armoured vehicle website has seen increases in traffic, I haven’t really done anything for my FactsonSpace site, other than this week, I created a forum for it here. However that isn’t finished yet.

I need to look at ways of advertising my FactsonSpace website since I believe that is the real money maker out of all my websites. Considering its future potential and that space is a limitless subject which is highly interesting. But I’m no expert, so perhaps when I get my cheque from Google I’ll hire a writer to help me out there. I can see that website going big if directed well; which at current I’m not doing too well at.

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