I’m becom­ing very lazy when it comes to blogging.

I have two web­sites which oper­ate on the basis of blog type posts and they take a long time to make. I have to research about a sub­ject, find reli­able sources and then cre­ate an arti­cle out of them; either debat­ing pro’s and con’s etc. Espe­cially so for my Armoured Vehi­cle web­site.  I’ve also been really lazy with my Fact­son­Space web­site. Although my armoured vehi­cle web­site has seen increases in traf­fic, I haven’t really done any­thing for my Fact­son­Space site, other than this week, I cre­ated a forum for it here. How­ever that isn’t fin­ished yet.

I need to look at ways of adver­tis­ing my Fact­son­Space web­site since I believe that is the real money maker out of all my web­sites. Con­sid­er­ing its future poten­tial and that space is a lim­it­less sub­ject which is highly inter­est­ing. But I’m no expert, so per­haps when I get my cheque from Google I’ll hire a writer to help me out there. I can see that web­site going big if directed well; which at cur­rent I’m not doing too well at.

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