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Pagerank update

Today, I just noticed pagerank updated.

Unfortunately, my pagerank 4 website (Armoured Vehicles) got ranked down to pagerank 3. However, my other websites went from having no pagerank to moving up. Or for example, this blog went from being pagerank 1 to pagerank 2, while my space website went from pagerank 0 to pagerank 2. Although not a total loss, I’m a little disappointed about my Armoured Vehicles website.

I can’t blame the system, since I haven’t updated the sites content in a while and I haven’t done any advertising for that site. Plus, it is a little hard to get the word out for a site like that. Also writing writing articles for it, is a little tenuous to say the least. While for this blog, I can speak more of mind and write about any subject. – Where with my other site it is more limited. However the fact of the matter is that I’m getting more traffic for my other site than this, so obviously that niche is much more popular, although I’m seeing sharp increases in traffic for this blog.

But I’d just like to see my Facts On Space website get somewhere, perhaps to the stage I’ve got my armoured vehicle website.

Who knows?

But hey, I don’t pay too much attention to pagerank, although it has slipped down, I’m more concerned about keeping traffic coming in, on a steady basis.

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