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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

A nice stroll around Taichung

Chinese: 今天我和我的狗狗在台中散步!

English: Today, I walked around Taichung with my dog!

Let’s just say I might make it a habit to go around Taichung by myself in the morning just to look around, it’s so peaceful and the exercise is good. Plus, it’s like exploring, seeing places you haven’t seen before and you get to see how things work in the morning, like people rushing to go to school, work or things like that. Anyway’s, here are my pictures for today! 🙂

Mode Mall

This is MODE Mall (德安購物中心) in Taichung, just across from Taichung Station. (台中火車站)

People in Taichung heading to work.

People in Taichung heading to work.

Alley way

Looked like a really old alley way, so I thought it would make for a nice picture. This is also an entry way to peoples homes!

A narrow building

Came across this today, it’s across from the MODE mall, but damn, this building is so narrow. It is the narrowest building I’ve seen in Taichung.

Waiting to cross the road

Just waiting to cross the road. (我等一下、過馬路)

Police scooters

Police scooters! (警察摩托車)

Taiwanese Police Car

This is a 警察車 or police car! They drive around in what I’ve come mostly across as Mitsubishi vehicles from Japan!

Taichung Station

This is the view from when you exit the entrance of 台中火車站 or Taichung Train Station!

Front view of Taichung station

Front view of Taichung station! (前端台中火車站)

My doggy!

我的狗狗! My little baby doggy! She’s so cute! 🙂

It was great exercise and it was quite enjoyable. All in all, we walked for around 2 hours! 🙂 I love having free time!

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